Sunday, March 19, 2017

another new blog


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Saturday, March 18, 2017

A New Blog!!!


First things first a new blog...... 

     I am going to start a new blog (but still keep this one) with baking, crafts and many more. I am            going to use this to do a blog in my spare time as someting extra to do. Though someone is always having an adventure.💙💙💙💙

     I want to use this as a kind of memory book so i don't forget recipes i make up or even DIYs that        might come in handy. I want use be able to go back to memories that I have forgotten and                    remember them clearly again as if it happened yesterday. 💙💙💙💙

     This is also going to be a way for me to be inspired by websites, books , videos etc. and to share it      with others. I want it to be a blog that people can come to every week to be happy, and inspired          and a place to put my ideas on like a notebook.❖❖❖❖

      I hope you will enjoy my new blog and will have ideas and learn new things from it. 😃😃😃😃

My new blog is called Glitter Ball here is a link

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Grindelford Gallop

Last weekend the Hope fell race was a messy one! Checkout the facebook video
Lovely weather by accelerate

Undeterred by the weather my intrepid explorers ventured out to Great Longstone. Starting from the Crispin pub we wandered up onto Longstone moor into the snow. This was a useful recce of part of the Grindelford gallop route.

The following weekend was the actual Grindelford Gallop race this is a 21 mile route heading out of Grindelford along the Derwent valley then on upto Eyam, Foolow and Longstone moor. After Great Longstone the route proceeds along the Monsal Trail to Bakewell railway station. Then up through the golf course to the Chatsworth. After Edensor the route passes in front of Chatsworth House and goes to Baslow. The final climb of the day takes the traveller onto Baslow, Curbar and Froggatt edge then a fast finish back through the Haywood  to Grindelford. The route is shown below. 

The start of the race was exciting it's referred to as The Scrum.
I followed someone from the Killamarsh kestrels proceeding at a convincing pace. However on the downhill stretches I didn't holdback. I paid for this on the final run from Baslow to Curbar edge. In training I'd manage to run this but I had lost it! I was plodding uncomfortably along the edges.

Crossing the Haywood stream was as usual entertaining the other week, when out running with Louis, I splashed some walkers how embarrasing! Today with a photographer  I made another splash wobbling across and almost falling over!

The final stretch through the Haywood was fab, I'd held a little back to enjoy this bit! It helped having someone on my tail I managed to catch a couple of people. This was a fab race and it's not surprising that all the places are taken within 10 minutes of entries opening.

It's always great to have support of my family and buddies from the North derbyshire running club.  One of the good things about the race is the food a bowl of delicious soup, bread and a mug of tea provided a brilliant end to the race.

The race results are here.
The grindelford gallop site

This race is a fab way of raising funds for the Grindelford primary school.

My next race is the spire ultra on the 27th may.
This is a stepping stone to a 66 mile ultra in the lakes..., perhaps this time I'm trying to bite off too much,   mmmm  dubious, training is underway, watch this space.


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lathkill with the Tiggers

I'm frequently asked about the length of a walk, most of the time I guess, occasionally I attempt a fairly accurate measurement. For reference the length of this walk was determined using my Garmin watch and came out to be 4.2 miles. That's the distance along Lathkill dale going from Conksbury bidge to the gate at the top of the dale near the village of Monyash.

Before Amanda dropped us off at Conksbury bridge, she reminded us of an excellent new years eve walk with Sally and Simon's family ( New Years Eve at Lathkill Dale).

 Louis dabbing in front a a fallen victim of storm Doris! I try to dab but I just get dirty looks!

It was good to wander around the remains of the Bateman's house here we went through a gate and  descended  some iron steps to the entrance of a 12m lead mine shaft. This was safely fenced off and nearby there was a winder which when turned illuminated the shaft, it was very pretty.

There was a lot of water and the cave, from which the river starts was gushing, it would have been perilous to explore here today.

As we neared the top of the dale we recalled old gruesome tales!

Happy in't Mud!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Soggy and Boggy Litton Walk

We met the Castle Mountaineering Club at Litton, Hugh greeted my children with the words kids "do you want to call child line"? This is typical Hugh humour. Today was not a particularly pleasant day for a walk  as the remainder of the dusting of snow was being washed away by steady rain.

Andrew and Ali planned an excellent route. The route took us out of Litton along church lane to Tideswell. From slancote lane we walked along to Monks dale and followed the limestone way towards Wormhill. From here we dropped down into Millers dale there was a lot of water and the main path was under water.

Conveniently, at Millers Dale railway station the rain eased and we sat on the benches to eat our sandwiches and the last of the Christmas cake. Hot ribena restored some warmth to us.

We continued along the Monsal trail until Litton mill where we joined the path to Tideswell dale. There was much entertainment trees decorated with baubles and a cave explored a little way by Hugh and myself. Thanks to a head torch from Louis, Hugh and myself ventured along. Further along the trail some signs had been altered both Keisha and Louis find this highly amusing and were giggling their way along the path.

A fungus decorated tree along Tideswell dale. Returning to Litton Keisha and Louis were still laughing about the sign. My attempts to calm them failed. Hugh, kindly intervened and picked Louis up and deposited headfirst him into a puddle, well almost. We were all laughing. Despite the weather we had a wonderful day.  It was good to meet up with friends from the CMC again and to meet new friends. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Fog on the Sky line

We have some great plans for the new year running, climbing, walking and scrambling. Today, I tried a favourite route that I've blogged many times, the Edale Skyline. This is a great training route for big racing ambitions and I have a new ambition! It was great to get out with buddies from the North Derbyshire Running Club.  Mat and Steve, two speed merchants from the club blasted ahead up Parkin Clough and onto Win Hill despite loads of training this is still a challenge for me! They also went really well up Lose Hill and Mam Tor although I must say I've noticed a slight improvement in my own performance. The route is shown below.
Create Routes or Search for a route from millions at MapMyRun

It was a wet foggy day as we  headed up onto Rushup Edge, there were some nice views as the cloud cleared momentarily. I was surprised by the great stone slabs across Brown Knoll making the crossing here much easier.

We were all delighted by the stone features (the zoological park) on the southern edge of the Kinder plateau. Despite being very boggy we were all moving really well across the southern edge. Near the Druid stone, to make sure we picked up the correct path taking us near to Crookstone barn, we had to check the map and compass. This proved to be a wise idea as we had to take a couple of details or otherwise attempt the Kinder orbital!

The final section back up to Win Hill is always a sustained push and I suffer on this once again I felt it was quite difficult bet I do feel somewhat stronger. A mistake with today was that towards the end I felt quite low energy. Although I'd ate and drank properly the previous evening I wasn't taking on sufficient energy throughout the run. Looks like I may try the tailwind again.




Here are some pictures of us celebrating new year 2017.

I took some pictures of family with the photo booth sticks and put them all together using an app called piccollage

                             I hope you had a great 2016 and I wish you the best of luck in 2017.

Be sure to check out my youtube channel to see me testing my new candyfloss machine on a timeplapse.