Saturday, June 28, 2008

A saturday afternoon in Bakewell

This saturday brought us to Bakewell and to the monthly farmers market where you could purchase some great products of the peak district from buffalo sausages, pies, locally produced honey and cheeses and even have a hot ostrich burger.

Information about farmers markets in the peak district is available at the follwoing web site.
Peak District online

We continued along the river and went to the playground, where a pleasant hour was spent with the little one climbing over the larger climbing apparatus and being very pleased with herself for managing the monkey bars.
We strolled back down to the town taking in an icecream on the way and watched the dancing in the street, it is the international year of dance and there were many demonstrations of different dances taking place. She then decided she wanted to get dressed up in a dance dress, have her face painted and have a hat with flowers and do some dancing.

A fun afternoon was had by one and all.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A mini evening adventure to Baslow edge

We had a plan to go along the top of baslow edge along to the
eagle stone but our daughter had other plans and led us on an entirely different route. We were heading down the path towards baslow village, we then decided to cut across towards the edge following the sheep's clues that they had left in the form of sheeps wool,following their trail led us directly upwards towards the edge and a quick scramble up the rocks to the top.

A short stop to admire the fantastic evening view followed by a stroll back to the car.

Great evening!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Climbing at Stanage Popular End

Climbed with Gordon this evening he appeared to be in a jolly mood the reason for this was simple, it was his birthday.

We climbed three routes, as follows.
Wild West Wind
Garden Wall

Hargreaves Original Route

Wild west wind was OK for a first route and goes up just to the right of Birch tree wall. Garden wall was enjoyable we attempted the direct route over the boulder choke, good fun.

By now the sun was setting it was Gordons lead we decided on hargreaves Original an excellent choice and we both agreed at what an excellent route this was making a fairly sustained series of quite delicate steps up the slab. Whilst belaying Gordon I was asked if we would require breakfast. I requested a couple of pints, it worked out fine we made it to the pub, the Scotsmans pack in Hathersage.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Family Holiday in the Lake District

We rented an appartment in a Victorian cottage called Sawrey Knotts at Far Sawrey not far from Hawkshead and the Windermere ferry. It's a peaceful location a great place for children to explore. I was pleased to find some good running routes with a fairly hilly circuit.

One of our first visits was to the South Lakes wild life park below are some pictures of bats.

It is important to mind the crocodiles and it is advisable to take protection if you can't hire crocodile Dundee you'll be fine with a toddler as the picture below illustrates.One of the walking days involved a visit to Coniston. Starting from the Walna scar road car park I walked out to Dow Crag. I scrambled up Easy Terrace on Dow crag although this is a very enjoyable scramble. The less confident walker would do well to heed the davise of Wainwright, "A walker would only attempt this route if chased by a bull". The first part of the route is good scrambling up a well defined groove at the top one arrives at the terrace which goes across B buttress. At this point there is some potential for confusion and it is advisable to take care with route finding a this point. One should proceed if going along a path that continues up at the same angle as the initial rake, after a few steps it is possible to locate a well defined scrambling path that leads straight up the crag in a rather exposed crag. The picture below shows Dow Crag. Although the scramble is of a reasonable length I missed the scrambling so I walked to Goats Hause and then onto Goats Water. From here I ascended an easy scramble up the South ridge of the Old Man of Coniston. Below is a view of Dow crag from the south ridge scramble on the Old Man of Coniston.
The walk was completed by walking along to Swirl Howe and along the Prison band before walking up to the top of Wetherlam. A rough guide to this walk is described at The Wainwright Society website

On the final day of our holiday we visited trotters world animal park near Bassenthwaite, this choice of venue met with the approval our daughter.