Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday Easter Egg Hunt - Longshaw Estate

Today saw the sun up and beautiful blue skies, perfect for an easter egg hunt at Longshaw. On arrival at Longshaw Estate Car Park, we had a chance encounter with some friends, perfect Keisha had a little friend to share her easter egg hunt with. We made our way to the Cafe where they were handing out the maps and trail sheet all for the princely sum of £2.00 to include a chocolate egg on return. On the way to the cafe, Mike played the easter bunny strategically placing minature eggs behind rocks and Keisha collected them in a

Chelmorton, Taddington and the River Wye

The past two days of weather have been really good with bright sunshine and clear blue skys, the sort of day that gives extra bounce to your footsteps. Having booked Maundy Thursday off work I'm looking forward to a day out walking. The weather was rather cloudy and rain was forecast.

I've decided to do a walk through Cheedale and to look at some of the villages along the way.
The walk started at Chelmorton the village has a small pub called the Church Inn which looks like a good place to stop for lunch. I walk east across the fields for 1.5 miles to Taddington. Nearby a place named five wells has a megalithic chambered cairn

Heading south from Taddington and going down steeply past Millers dale quarry, which
currently has reduced access due to nesting birds. I finally end up at Millers day railway station. Crossing over one of the many Peak district viaducts the river Wye is far below.

Heading west on the Monsal trail and going past the lime kilns a party of children are heading excitedly towards the Millers Dale viaduct for abseiling. In past years people, with ropes attached would jump of this viaduct. Abseiling from here is now a strictly licensed activity.

At this point I walk down to the river and my excitement increases as I know I'm getting closer to Cheedale. The weather is quite dank and the limestone particularly slippery. But this actually adds to the atmosphere with a light mist and drapery from the trees. It has the feeling of some lost wilderness (this area is a special site of scientific interest).

After some fairly rough walking chee tor and the crags finally enclose you within the dale. This enclosure is so extreme that the crags hangover you. The footpath is forced into the river and the path proceeds along a number of steeping stones.

The way continues along the Monsal trail after a couple of meanders and passing under another three viaducts. The path turns south to go along the Pennine bridelway. Near here there is also a handy access point and car park just off the A6.

The Pennine bridleway continues to the village of Blackwell and then heads south to Chelmorton.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This is the blog used by Mike, Amanda and Keisha Griffiths to record their family outings. We are a family from Chesterfield, Derbyshire. We like to spend much of our time in the Peak District.