Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Outing for Our New Family, At Cavedale

This was our first outing for a few weeks since the birth of our son. The weather was excellent and we wanted to take a short walk with our new baby and a keen two year old up for adventure.

We decided to visit Castleton and walk through Cavedale. As the name suggests the walk along this fairly short dale takes us along a relatively narrow and steep sided dale. At the top is Peveril castle dating back to 1086.

Its great fun to go out walking with young toddler, you see things with fresh eyes and you have to be inventive and create different games. Keisha invented her own game and decided to play see saws on a fallen tree

To quote Keisha there were many "men with numbers" attempting to run up the dale. This was quite impressive since they'd already run the first twenty miles of the High Peak 40 mile challenge. The women with numbers were also referred to as a man with a number!

The picture above shows a view of Cavedale from quite near the top. We all did quite well to make it up here there was a fair amount of water running along the narrowest and steepest part. Keisha displayed excellent coordnation and scrambled easily up and down this slippery section of the dale. We finished our walk with a cup of tea and a peice of lemon meringue pie at a cafe near the centre of the village of Castleton.