Saturday, October 18, 2008

Druids Caves at Birchover

Keisha is continuing the theme of searching for Macca Pacca, he is a TV programme character that plays with stones and lives in a cave in the fantasy land of In the Night Garden. Keisha watched a Balamory epsiode about caving which featured the fanastic basaltic rock feature called Fingals cave. This episode resulted in Keisha crawling around darkened rooms in our house with a head torch and pretending to explore a cave.

With her current interests in mind we decided to visit the caves at Rowtor Rocks at Birchover
near Stanton Moor. The rocks have a fascinating history we are most interested in the fun element. Rowtor rocks are just above the Druid Inn at Birchover, an excellent place for quality food.

The rocks are excellent for climbing, scrambling and bouldering. There are caves to crawl through and seats carved out of the stone to sit on. This went down well with Keisha, at first she was uncertain about going through these short caves. I guess she is wisely cautious. After some familiarisation she was in her element!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Playing and Exploring at Birchen Edge

Its a weekend of parties for Keisha but she still keen for adventure this morning we're in search of Macca Pacca's house at Birchen edge. On our walk up to Birchens edge Keisha told me that she had spotted the tombliboos house we also had to be extra quiet so as not to wake them up!

We scramble to the top of the edge and walk along the top towards the monument. We arrived at the the Three ships these are three boulders on the top of the edge inscribed with the names Royal Sovreign, Defiance and Trafalgar. The spelling on the Rock for Royal Sovreign is Soverin.

At the top of Birchen edge is Nelsons monument, restored in 1992 this monument to Lord Nelson was orginally erected in 1810 this was 5 years afterNelsons death at the battle of trafalgar. It took 60 years to construct the London monument to Trafalgar.

The rocks are excellent for bouldering Keisha enjoyed scrambing on them. We scramble to the bottom of the main crag and sat near the foot of Trafalgar wall we have a drink and snack.