Saturday, January 17, 2009

Exploring the Dams of the River Bradford

This afternoon we met some friends at Youlgrave, there is car park at the western end of the village called Coldwell End (Grid Reference 205641). This car park has a playground so there was immediate fun for our youngsters. We walked along the road matching theme tunes to groups of people we know. The 'A' Team, Laurel and Hardy, Adams Family and Father Ted came to mind. After passing a couple of Weslyan chapels we turned off the main road through at the Old Hall. We dropped down into Bradford dale passing the village hall on the way.

There was a mass decision to turn west along the dale, there is a series of pools and dams. The water is really clear and it comes as no surprise that Youlgrave has managed to establish its own
Youlgrave water company and this may explain this civil engineering along the dale.

Youlgrave and Bradford Dale Photographs on Geograph

Our three youngsters found a cave and eagerly explored it, they were especially happy when presented with a torch. Further along they were collecting sticks and the biggest stick competition had to be brought back under control as they became overambitious!

We walked along the dale for 1/2 a mile on the return shoulder rides and much swinging was required. We enjoyed mulled wine and beer at the Farmyard Inn. The three musketeers were up to high jinks playing hide and seek!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Semi Edale Sky Line

A new year walk with friends can be a good time to recollect past adventures, to make new plans and of course to just chat. We had decided to do a circular walk from Edale that was familiar to the three of us.

The full Edale sky line starts with an ascent of Lose Hill and traverses along to Mam tor and Rushup edge. It continues to Brown knoll and along the southern edge of Kinder scout and finds its way to Win hill completing the full circuit. An alternative to the full circuit is to start from Edale Railway station and to walk upto Rushup Edge the circuit continues along the southern Kinder edges and returning to Edale via the path starting at Golden Clough and returning via the Nab.

Our day had a bright and cold start with conditions perfect under foot. The three of us met at the car park near Edale railway station. I was surprised at the cost to park my car and had to be partially funded by Gordon, I was most grateful for some change to pay the full parking fee of £5 for the day. On the way up towards Mam Tor and Rushup edge we discussed the idea of a free parking fee encouraging people to use free parks and to not use the roadside.

The whaleback of Rushup edge (geograph picture) was good to ascend, the wind had a cold bite that reminded you of days on exposed winter ridges in Scotland. Continuing over Brown Knoll we were glad of the frosty conditions, in the wetter months this area is particularly boggy. We stopped for lunch near Edale Cross we met someone who had been backpacking and spent the night at Fieldhead (Edale). Reminded me that even short backpacking trips can be quite good! Continuing to the southern edge of Kinder there are many rock features including Edale Rocks, Pym chair and Noe stool. We continued on to the wool packs (shown below).

The above photograph shows a googley eyed face in the Woolpacks. The Wool Packs ( geograph picture) are as good as the South Yorkshire sculpture park, the rocks resembling scuptures by Henry Moore. Very often we play games with the rock shapes trying to identify creatures that they can be likened to. By the time we arrived at Hartshorn we were presented with a fine sunset.

We returned to Edale via the path starting from Golden Clough and walked along to the top of the The Nab. We didn't make any fixed plans although Gavin and Gordon we're talking of making a trip to Scotland over Easter. We were also talking of climbing Cioch nose at Applecross there are many good pictures on the web the following blog is a good example. We were also talking of climbing the middle buttress of Coire Mhic Fhearchair ( grid ref NG945603 ) . We are starting the new year on a positive note with good adventures to come!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Spectacular New years day at Longshaw

New years day saw us visiting Longshaw with friends. The drive over to Longshaw was beautiful in itself, the peak district looking like a magical winter wonderland with the branches of the trees glistening white with hawfrost.
We arrived late morning and had the usual bun fight for a car parking space (Longshaw is notoriously busy especially on high days and holidays so best to arrive early or late if you can to avoid the rush). One of the reasons for the business is that it is a lovely place to visit with spectacular views of Calwark and Higgar Tor looking like two submarines washed ashore on the horizon.

From the car park we meandered along past the house and up to the pond, the pond was beautifully iced over and the two children were fascinated by the sticks and rocks skimming across the ice and not sinking. A small snack was partaken of chrismas chocolate coins, santa biscuits and apples. Paul provided the children with snow showers by shaking the trees much to their delight.

Dads provided shoulder rides some of the way back to the national trust teashop complete with steaming windows. A great walk out with friends.