Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Manky Climbing Session Near Manchester Buttress

The weather this afternoon looked as though the rain might hold off. With typical tuesday evening tradition we went climbing and arrived at the Manchester buttress area at Stanage popular end. The breeze was good for keeping the midges away and keeping the crag dry, excellent.. we proceeded to climb sociology which was a fun route. By the time we returned to start another route the rain was truly persistent. Listenting to someone slithering on Manchester buttress, the decision was easy.. We sheltered underneath grotto slab a good place to get out of the rain. There was even an opportunity for a further climb called Ill lit by torchlight, named very appropriately! Might come back here with k as she will have fun here.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Colourful Fields and Harness Racing Near Elton

Gratton dale starts near the village of Elton we decided to walk this dale from its southern end near Pikehall, famous for its annual harness racing event. Today was the day of the annual Harness racing event at Pikehall there was a lot of activity.

K has become attached to her baby doll and was intent on taking her walking, we decided that was not such a good idea and this of course caused remonstrations. We decided to head off across the fields to Elton in an attempt to distract her. Fortunately this worked . We enjoyed the great variety of fields of oats, barley and lupins another field of clover.

Walking through the tall fields of oats there was a chirruping sound, speaking to a couple of walkers we wre informed that they were Quail, rather rare migants from Sub Saharan Africa. The fields of wild yellow lupin is fodder crop, Spanish in origin it also has nitrogen fixing properties.

We continued on into Elton through some rather overgrown paths at which point K enjoyed a shoulder ride. We seemed to have had an enjoyable walk across the fields at this point I returned to collect the car. Amanda, K and L sat on a bench near the vilage chapel to eats snacks. Not far from the main village church is a tea shop and the Duke of York pub.

Our start was a good place to start at walk along Gratton dale but today we've had a lot of fun simply walking through the fields in the White Peak.