Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Exploration of the Burbage Valley

Halloween provided an excellent theme for a walk along the Burbage valley. We started out from the fiddlers elbow car park at SK260829. On our arrival visibility was poor and mist was hanging in the valley in suitably spooky style for the days walk.

We headed from the car park and attempted to find a path that closely follows the Burbage valley. We ended up walking across a lot of rough ground, which for K was a lot of fun, she was eagar to lead the way. Her foot work was excellent particularly when we had to do two river crossings which added to our fun. Following a theme similar to Dora the Explorer we focused on three features of our walk spooky forest, troll bridge and haunted castle (Carl Wark iron age hill fort). We all enjoyed scrambling over the rocks on Higger Tor both K and Amanda let out a cheer when they reached the top of Higger Tor.We had a quick snack near the bridge, we didn't find any trolls! However, we found something for the Halloween pot! Fortunately for this frog it hopped off fairly quickly. K enjoyed shouting "Happy Halloween" and other things and listening to the echo which had probably bounced off Burbage edge.

The walk was very satisfying. L enjoyed wobbling around in his back carrier and grabbing branches as we wandered through the wooded Burbage valley. Keisha enjoyed so many aspects travelling cross country, river crossings and scrambling over the rocks. Her treat for completing a 3 mile trail will be a new rucksack. K will certainly benefit from this as she enjoys packing her snacks and appreciates the need for suitable clothing in the outdoor environment.

It took a while to cover our 2.25 mile route but we had time for some Halloween preparations after pumpkin carving and a trick or treating we met our friends at the Ogden water sailing club for a fun packed Halloween party with fireworks and lots of games including bandaging the mummy. Millie provided an execellent mummy candidate.

The Halloween party at the Ogden reservoir sailing club was great fun unfortunately the new beer they have on goes to your head... just take a look at Bryce!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Adventurers at Birchens

Three young adventurers went for a scramble at Birchen edge. Liam and Keisha were jogging along the path in their eagerness to scramble on the rocks at Birchens. At a suitable point, not far from the routes known as the Emma's we all ascended the crag and with great elation we arrived at the top in sight of nelsons monument. It was great to see that my two young adventurers were so happy with their achievement. Excellent scrambling by all.
We clambered on to the top of the rock named royal sovreign and at the top shouted victory. It was excellent to enjoy see my sister and my nephew Liam. We have plans to return with a rope and attempt some of the routes at Birchens. Its encouraging to see that young Liam is developing a wonderful level of competency with his information technology skills, he showed me his web site and his newspaper which I'm looking forward to seeing. We also had a good chat about doctor who and Liam showed us the Dr Who trailer maker web site.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A very late indian summer in North Yorkshire

We decided we needed a late break away and so booked a cottage on keldlands farm with a lovely hot tub on the decking. On the website it looked great in reality it was even better. It was fantastic, very comfortable with great facilities and was a real working farm with horses and cows much to the children's and our delight. The first day we visited Pickering and went to a lovely restaurant for lunch.
Tuesday saw us wake up to the pouring rain and after considering quite a few wet weather options we all decided we wanted to go on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, we arrived at the Pickering Station to be great site of the steam engines puffing out smoke. We travelled to Grosmont and return. At Grosmont, we visited the engine sheds and Mike got very excited about the art of steam engineering, must get that from his Grandpa Frank. On the return, they made friends with some other children and had great fun, with Louis walking up and down the train. It was a great day and the weather made no difference to the day. We went home and climbed in the hot tub and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
We woke up Wednesday to brilliant sunshine and went to Whitby, enjoyed visiting the old port and the shamble lanes. There was a man singing shanties with a clever contraption working a pupppet called Naughty Nelly. There was a grand tall ship in called the Grand Turk. Whitby was very crowded and busy and so we headed south past Robin Hood Bay (saving for a day when we can have a great walk in to it) and went down to Scarborough, once on the beach with the sun shining we proceeded to build sandcastles and they both had great fun paddling in the waves.
Thursday the birthday girl was treated to a day out at Flamingoland, she still remains an adrenaline junkie and wanted to go on all the rides, even those that went upside down and she was too small for. Highlights of the day included the runaway train, the sealion show and the Postman Pat show. It was great, lovely sunshine and very few people there so no queuing and rides to ourselves. We got back to our cottage and Keisha was treated to a bareback horseride on Raffles which was fantastic fun. We then had a birthday bbq on the decking, birthday cake and another soak in the hot tub.
Sadly Friday saw us going home, with a last goodbye to the horses, we stopped at the visitors centre at Sutton Bank sadly we had to leave a walk down to the fairy cave for another day. We stopped in an old village pub on the way back for a lovely lunch with the dogs curled up singeing their fur on the lovely fire.
A great holiday we will be back for more

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wander Around Bleaklow

Bleaklow hill is a wonderful area of the peak district moorland I started a walk from where the doctors gate path meets the Snake pass GR SK096928. Its approximately 2.5 miles to Bleaklow hill from here. Heading northeast across the moor to Grains in the Water I headed onto Bleaklow hill walking north along the side of alport head.

There were no paths on this part of the route and I enjoyed this excellent opportunity to wander aimlessley across the open moor. I was reminded of a night time navigation exercise with a friend practising for mountain leader training. There some good features to locate. Such as the cabin at SK103936 nearby there is a small weather station. Another good feature to locate is the waterfall at crooked clough.

I continued the route from bleaklow hill by heading west to bleaklow head and stopping for lunch at the Wain stones. From the Wain stones the route headed west following the northern edge of the Yellow slacks valley.

I descended almost to Glossop village at GR SK054950 at this point I met a group of people with their dogs cautiously making there way back to Glossop. Their caution was due to a Highland cattle bullock with one slightly damaged horn. I managed to gently and calmy herd the beast with my walking pole it was actually quite placid. Clearly caution is best exercised when dogs are involved.

At this point in the route I had lost a lot of height this had to be regained in my picturesque return rout along the track of the roman road on the path known as doctors gate.