Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fairholmes and Stumbling on Aircraft Wrecks

I've made a lot of visits to the Fairholmes area and I'd contemplated walking in the White Peak this weekend. I received a text from Gavin suggesting meeing up at Fairholmes at 0955. There has been a lot of rain and the weaher this sunday much brighter and clearer .

We caught the 0910 bus and started our walk from Kings Tree. After the bridge at slippery stones we headed north east up broadhead clough (SK171962 ) . We were both surprised to find aircraft wreckage from a Consul TR-RPM, Icelandic Airline, which crashed near Crow Stone Edge,12th April 1951.

Aircraft wrecks web site - with information about consul

Peakwreck hunters blog entry

Crowstones edge Consul aircraft wreck location

Crosses have been placed to remember the 2 crew and 1 passenger killed by this accident. Built by Armstrong-Siddley we saw the remains of one of the twin engines as well as evidence of the timber airframe (shown in the pictures below) . Information on the AS Consul at Wikipedia

We made quick progress on to Crow stones edge.

Progress from Crow Stones edge was slower as we headed across boggy ground to horse stone naze at points sinking above our knees into the quagmire!
We dropped down from the horse stone in the direction of Coldwell clough. After an exciting leap of faith across the river Derwent we headed up Fairbanks and stopped for lunch at a suitably dry spot.

Time had marched on remarkably quickly we reluctantly decided to head upto Round Hill and drop down directly to the excellent "West End" track which starts at SK140955. Our talk of Munro bagging trips and a White Peak extravaganza meant that we rejected the returning bus from Fairholmes (we need to get fit). It was good to see the Howden Dam, the Derwent dam
and walk through Birchenlee village. (known as tin town the town constructed to house the builders of the derwent dams).