Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blissful walk along white edge

The bank holiday monday provided me with a great opportunity to get out for a walk on my own. I parked up at Curbar and walked along white edge, accompanied for the first part just by bird sounds. The views from the top were beautiful if a little hazy, the 360 degree views of the peak district. I continued on down to the grouse inn and down to the national trust car park to be greeted by my wonderful family, Keisha was waving wildly, we continued along frogatt edge and came to Tegness Quarry where upon Keisha and Mike ventured down for a short scramble. Keisha by now was in charge of our destiny and was leading the way. Louis enjoyed pulling on the trees and gathering leaves and was very disappointed not to allowed to eat them.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Northumberland Coast - Embleton Bay

Arrived on saturday afternoon at Howlett hall near Walkworth. The rain was quite heavy. The cottage called Orchard cottage (link to booking site for cottage) is wonderful. It has a spa and they can do massages and beauty treatments. The morning started with fine weather what appeared to be perfect for a day at the beach we set off as soon as we could. Our first stop was Amble market we had a general wander around at the harbourside market and purchased a few supplies.

 After a weather warning from a market stall holder we headed north along the cost towards Embleton. We parked at Dunston Steads and walked to Dunstanburgh Castle. Although ¾ mile Keisha still required a lot of encouragement, as soon as we reached the beach she was happily wandering amongst the stones and motivational tactics were no longer required. The cliffs near castle point were noisy with lots of nesting birds mainly Kittiwakes and Herring Gull. 

We walked back along the beach fascinated by some rock formations. We sat in a sheltered spot by the sand dunes and enjoyed playing in the sound and paddling in the shallow depths of Embleton bay.