Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cressbrook and Water-cum-Jolly

We started at cressbrook mill, this was one of Richard Arkwrights mills built in 1785, today it is converted to residences. We walked along millers dale.
ordance survey map Water-cum-jolly is a most picturesque dale we always have fun today was very dry there were quite a few climbers. However, rubicon wall is so over hung that it's not a bad place for bouldering in the wet. On wet days we've come down in wellies and enjoyed splashing around.

The weather was very sunny and the temperature just right this was a good thing for people participating in a race that was going through the dale Keisha and Louis clapped the runners along the way. We enjoyed munching at blackberries and watching the swans, with some of the cygnets struggling with the miniature wiers across the river Wye.

We finished our walk with a drink at D's teastop.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Winn Hill for adults only bliss!!

Wednesday morning saw us in a unique position, a chance to walk on our own, we quickly got ready and got to the Yorkshire Bridge in Bamford for 0900. We quickly booted up, its amazing how quickly you can exit the car with only the two of you. The sun was hiding as we made our way across to the start of the walk up some wooden steps and then on up the winding steep path alongside the stream up Parkin clough, it was very wet and muddy underfoot. The walk up was amazing as the stream was surrounded by the most lush vegetation looking quite different from other occasions. We then came to the win hill plantation and made our way up through the trees. A great path has been laid beyond taking us onwards and upwards to the triangulation post on the top of win hill. The weather had steadily become bleak as we reached the top. It was lovely to be out on our own. The 360 degree views were stunning marred only by castleton cement works and quarry which always look so ugly on the landscape and are the first thing you view on reaching the top. A real blot on the landscape. The views of the ladybower reservoir more than make up for it and I had forgotten how lovely it was to be so high and looking down on the peak district. The moors are so rich in purple with the heather at the moment which lay like a thick purple carpet beneath us. We wound our way around Winn Hill and down through the thick heather, and picked up the path through the forest which was heavily covered in pines and extremely muddy underfoot which made me glad I had taken my walking sticks. The walk back took us along the side of the reservoir and a good view over towards Bamford edge.The sun began to shine and we remarked on how many different wildflowers there were around. We finished up our walk and visited The Peacock on Owler Bar for some well earned lunch.