Monday, October 25, 2010

Climbing Walls and Climbing Plans

We had an excellent afternoon at the Staveley healthy living centre Keisha enjoyed using the climbing wall there. Her climbing technique is developing really well and she's also learning a
few things. She is clearly a little nervous about progressing up the wall particularly on the steeper sections however it was encouraging that when we lowered Keisha off she was always keen to have another attempt. She tried a steep wall a slab and a rather steep corner. We finished with some bouldering.

The Staveley healthy living centre instructors were really helpful giving Keisha some tips and encouragement. There is a childrens climbing club which meets on a monday evening they also recommended the Sunday evening climbing session.

My climbing has taken somewhat of a hit this year and I'm lacking in some technique and a lot of strength. Over the last couple of weeks I've managed to climb at the Foundary climbing centre. This weeks evening session at the foundary resulted in a new level of enthusiasm this was partly due to Keishas interest in climbing and the fun we had.

We lead a couple of routes in the furnace and a route on the main wall I found this quite pumpy so finishing off on the livingstone wall was quite good. We were pleased with our evenings climbing effort and discussed possible climbing trips. A day raid to amphitheatre buttress was discussed and a family camping trip to Pembrokeshire could be perfect excellent climbing and wonderful beaches!

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