Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Kinder Scout Orbital

I received a wonderful picture for Christmas, a view of the Matterhorn taken from the Dent Blanche it is as good as many of the images that you may find if you perform a search using google images, for example. But the best thing is that it is one of my own photographs. I have been spurred on by this image, it is a great motivator.

The seasonal round of flu is upon us and one of my walking friends was unable to come out for a final walk for the year. I decided to go walking on Kinder scout as we had originally planned the route started at the car park near Upper Booth SK107847.

The planned route was to ascend Kinder scout via Crowden Brook, walk along the southern edge past Grindsbrook clough and walk across to Blackden Brook from Upper Tor. For the second part of the walk takes us along the Northern edge of kinder (Seal edge) to Fairbrook and then across to Kinder downfall. For the final part of the orbital route we headed south following the western edge of Kinder to Kinder low and then descended via Jacobs ladder to Upper booth. The route is indicated by the dots shown in the map below.

The initial scramble up Crowden brook was most enjoyable it was quite icy in places, a lot of water issued from Crowden brook. On a previous climb I had slipped and sprained my wrist quite badly (see not-bog-trotting-day-on-kinder), fortunately no such incident occurred today. A mist lingered in the valley and made some hills appear as islands

View of the Edale Valley from the top of Crowden Brook

Lose hill viewed from Upper Tor on the Southern edge of kinder scout.

The walk across to Blackden Clough from Upper Tor was not too bad there was a vague path. On the walk to Fairbrook it was good to overlook this northerly edge of Kinder and to peruse the Snake pass below. From Fairbrook there are some quite good paths which go across Kinder in a westerly direction to reach the downfall, this vague and unofficial route eventually joins with the Clough feeding the downfall. On kinder downfall only a small amount of ice remained from the deep freeze of two weeks ago a good quantity of water made it a good sight.

Kinder Downfall

The Cairn on the Jacobs Ladder Path

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