Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stone Circles on Eyam Moor

I met two friends at Eyam village it was very busy this sunday morning and difficult to get parked. Three of us met opposite Eyam hall, we headed up to the top of Sir William hill.

After walking east along Sir William Hill road we headed across the moor and aimed for the Wet Withens stone circles, this was a rough yomp across the heather. After attempting to work out our location, we explored the local moorland successfully found the Wet Wythens stone circle (SK225790). Gordon and Gavin were standing at the centre of the stone circle trying to use its focused cosmic power to warm themselves up, there was lots of chattering, they didn't seem much warmer! I walked around the edge counting the eleven stones that for the circle. Nearby we located the Eyam moor barrow. Apparently there is Ministry of Works sign on the barrow is a good indicator when searching the moor for the elusive Wet Withens Stone Circle.

running between 305-310m contour at SK220788 the map indicates a water course running along the level of the contour this appears to be most unusual it is likely that this feature is an irrigation course. We did walk along some kind of channel which provided a useful path despite the recent snow and quantity of rainfall the channel was fairly dry.

The barrel inn at Bretton SK201779 enjoyed a welcome pint of Old Speckled hen

Our final visit of the day was past the Silence Heritage (SK192779) this is the site of old mine workings (for example fluospar ) . We completed the day by walking to Great Hucklow and back to Eyam via Foolow. It was good that the rain had held off.