Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bike Ride at Ladybower

This week Keisha has insisted on riding her bike everyday the practice has proven most beneficial. Continuing this pattern we went to Ladybower reservoir and Keisha enjoyed a ride around the Derwent reservoir. This was perfect with a mild mixture of gentle hills and slightly different terrain Keishas confidence and ability acheived a good level of proficiency.

We cycled as far as the site of Birchinlee village, known as "tin town" this was where the workers for the dams project were accommodated.

I forgot to add that its now time for me also to ride a bike, Keisha is cycling at a good speed. I enjoyed running along side, even though I have become unfit, it was enjoyable to run along. I started to have difficulty keeping up with her, she thought that was good. On the hills I had to encourage Keisha to keep going I'm sure that it will not be too long before the roles will reverse.

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