Sunday, May 29, 2011

Well Dressings - 2011

Monyash - A rainy day in May, we enjoyed a flying visit to the Bull for Sunday dinner afterwards Keisha and Louis enjoyed the playground.

fTravelling through Hope at the start of july

Bamford 10th July

Barlow Well Dressings - August

The Pump

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Glyders of Snowdonia

We left Derbyshire at around 6.30am from Burton on Trent and Chesterfield. Since we were travelling from different locations we agreed to meet up at Nantwich. We arrived in Snowdonia at 1020 and parked up at Gwern Gof Uchaf SH675605.

Leaving the parked car in overcast weather and with forecasts promising rain and plenty of wind chill we walk along the A5 to the Ogwen cottage (SH649604) to commence our journey through the Glyders.

We walked steadily up the north east ridge of Y-Garn enjoying good views of the Idwal Slabs, at this point I was conjouring up the idea of further Welsh climbing raids. From the summit of Y-Garn we headed south-east and along the path leading over the top of the Devils Kitchen. We were still feeling strong and headed up the scree strewn slopes of Glyder Fawr.

Looking across to Idwal slabs (at the head of Cwm Idwal). It has reignited a need to climb in Snowdonia
The Devils kitchen (in this picture you can see evidence of the Syncline)

Although the wind was quite strong the rain and cloud had held off, as we approached the summit of Glyder Fawr ( SH643579 ) the cloud gathered and the excitement of jouneying through the Glyders in the mist was about to start.

The connecting ridge (known as Bwlch Y Ddwy Glyder) between Glyder Fawr and Glyder Fach is fairly narrow. Heading on up the ridge of Glyder Fach the rocks are distinctively elongated with a favourite direction. This is known as the Castle of the winds (Castell y Gwynt) and here it is not unusual to become confused.

Near the summit of Glyder Fach we stopped for some food and checked the map. Before setting off we checked the compass and decided and that a east north easterly bearing would lead us off the summit but we would eventually need to head east.

The rains started and gradually became more persistent and we easily made our way along the eastern ridge of Glyder Fach dropping us below the 850m contour took us below the cloud layer which was great because we could actually see something.

The ridge and summit of Y-Foel Goch is pleasant we dropped off the east ridge of this mountain and decended int Cwm Gern Gof following the left bank of the river we arrived at Gwern Gof Isaf ( SH685601 ) a quick walk along the road and we reached the car at around 1800.

It was surprising how long it had taken us to traverse the Glyders, too many food stops rather than navigation difficulties! It was good to revisit a place which I like so much. There are many ridges in this group of mountains which I am once again eager to explore.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mam Tor

Yet another blustery day, can't complain we've had a recent spell of heat. We certainly need some water for the plants! Today we drove to the top of the Winnats pass and parked in the car park below Mam Tor. The map below shows our route.

After a short walk along the road we walked along the old A625 the site of the Mam Tor landslip. Keisha was quite impressed by this and seemed to take on board the idea of the flow of the hill side down hill. Apparently its been doing this for over 3000 years .

We all walked up to Hollins cross for lunch where we sheltered behind a drystone wall on the north western side of the ridge. Louis and Keisha enjoyed running around. We headed up the ridge and along to the summit of Mam Tor. This time we had to convince Louis to sit in the back carrier. He is quite heavy now. The picture below shows a view looking back along the ridge from the Mam Tor ridge to Lose Hill.

Keisha had made excellent progress all the way to the top of Mam Tor, she's a star. It was good experience for them both to enjoy the gusts of a typical mountain day. We enjoyed the quick walk back down to the car park. On the way there is a variety of featured embedded into the stones which make up the path. Spotting these was good fun for Keisha and Louis. A picture of an Bronze age/Early iron age dwelling is shown below. Apparently these dwellings date from 1200BC, This is such a fascinating place, Mam Tor is encircled by a hill fort and has a number of burial mounds.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ogston Sailing Club open Day

We enjoyed a visit to Ogston sailing club it was quite blustery. The club were holding an open day and our friends who are club members said it would be a good day. The club is very friendly they certainly have excellent social events. We had previously enjoyed their halloween party.

There were a lot of events including opportunities to sail and two motor boats were touring the reservoir. After donning life jackets a group of us enjoyed a tour on one of the motor launches called "Moby".

Bryce kindly asked one of the club members sailing a "Comet" if I could sail I enjoyed crewing the dingy. It was excellent fun tacking across the reservoir particularly because of the wind conditions.