Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rainy day at the Chestnut Centre

A rainy saturday and Keisha was not over enthusiastic about leaving the house, even when tempted with the idea of meeting up with her friend, Cameron. This seems to be a common pattern she's quite tired after a week at school and likes to chill out and we sort out a few things around the house. We decided to meet up with our friends at the Chestnut Centre Otter, Owl and Wildlife Park.

We arrived around midday and had lunch it was soon apparent that all the ideas about not wanting to go out soon vanished, I understand that Cameron too had expressed similar concerns.

Keisha's favourite were the Fallow deer. They have a great range of owls. The otters were most entertaining especially the giant otters (from South America). The only Scottish wildcat we could see was our friend Sally. All the children enjoyed running around the wildlife park.

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