Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reaching high at the Zugspitze

After a lunch of schnitzel at the holiday cottage, we had decided to head for the cable car to go up the Tirolean side of the Zugspitze. The drive over was a pretty one although we were very perturbed by the queues on the other side of the road going on for approximately six miles. The only thing along the way was the rittlespiele which we had driven by and there appeared to be no reason for the holdups. This got us planning to return via another route.

We arrived at the Zugspitze to find that the top of the mountain was in cloud at 2,900 metres. We were in awe as we drove along in the shadow of the mountain as it loomed over us. We got our tickets (again we didn’t have to pay for the kinder under 6’s free which seems to be the norm over here). The children were very excited and keen to make progress up the mountain finding it difficult to understand why they have to get changed out of their summer clothes to head up the mountain. It was a reported 3 degrees at the top. We got onto the cable car and Louis kept saying going now he was very keen for the driver to board and for us to be heading on our way.

The first part of the journey above the tree line was smooth and clear, as we got higher there was a real roll of the cable car as we went over the pylons, we got higher and higher and reached the snow line at about 2,200 metres. We went high into the clouds and had very poor visibility. We stepped out and the cold air immediately hit us. Mike, Keisha and Louis quickly skipped out onto the snow. We walked over to Germany and viewed the highest point. It was quite eerie to be so high in the clouds and at the top of the mountain having been at the bottom such a short time before, and felt a feeling of vulnerability. It made me wonder about Mike and his adventures to the top of the mountains although this was probably even more poignant for him as there are no crowds sitting drinking beer and he must be totally in awe of his surroundings, and he gets to view them in their isolated splendour. Mike has expressed an interest in climbing the Zugspitze as he felt it was too easy getting the cable car and something he was doing our amusement.

We headed back down, Mike, Keisha and Louis stood in the front window, and I wasn’t brave enough to join them even though I sat happily at the front on the way up. We were in cloud for a lot longer on the way down. We finished our visit with a spot of trampolining, go cart racing, and play in the playground accompanied by a drink and some rather posh ice cream sundaes.

We came back via Garmish a beautiful town, and drove through a beautiful valley via Alpsee. It was a wonderful drive by the lake. Another long day .

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Living History Extravaganza and Memory Lane

We visited the Ehrenberg Reutte 2011 medieval festival which had a number of market stalls, games, a tournament and re-enactments of battles.

The event was similar in format to the battle of Tewkesbury but a larger scale and it has to be said much grander. Don't get me wrong I'm a great fan of the Tewkesbury event and have participated as a re-enactor and as part of the audience. We've also visited Le Puy de Fou but the Ehrenberg event was full of the vibrancy that is experienced at Tewkesbury.

The event was so enjoyable with a multitude of camps, excellent living history, people dressed in authentic costume and living as a historical encampment.

Before the medieval festival started there were jesters which were excellent doing a "Matrix movie" kind of slow motion acting amongst many other things. We enjoyed a band called Furunkulus. It was hilarious, Keisha was quite entranced by this musical mayhem of bagpipes, giant gongs, kettle drums and a really interesting assortment of percussion and wind instruments. It was very rocky, Keisha loved it and kept pulling me towards the stage.
Here is a clip from the day ( there is loads on you tube just search on furunkulus)

The band was lively and energised us in readiness for the tournament which started with a great procession of all the re-nactors.

As part of the procession the combatants formed a defensive wall

After the tournament we watched a battle renactment. Once again Keisha saying let's goto the front it was deafening with both canonfire and handgun fire.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Trip On a Horse and Carriage to a Princess Castle.

We are staying in an apartment in the Kaserstube guest house in Tanneheim in the Austrian Tyrol.
Today saw us revisiting one of the most beautiful castles in the world, the Disney castle is based on this castle built by King Ludwig the second, Neuchwanstein Castle was built in 1886 and was only lived in by Ludwig for about 11 weeks, it is unfinished and you are shown around the 9 completed rooms which are absolutely stunning. Ludwig died under mysterious circumstances found in a lake near Munich.

We arrived in the village and parked up and then began queuing for tickets and were entertained by Keisha and Louis in the line. We eventually got tickets and managed to get tickets for the 1225 English tour two hours earlier than we expected when we first joined the queue. We headed straight for the horse and carriage and were treated to a ride to the castle. We enjoyed a sweet pretzel on route and Keisha and Louis arrived with sugar coated faces at the castle gates. The tour was informative and we were treated to viewing the lovely rooms where swans feature heavily. Louis and Keisha loved the spiral staircases and enjoyed jumping down them holding up the crowds. Schwangu is the nearest village named so after Ludwig’s love of the swan. Keisha enjoyed buying a princess for a friend and herself and Louis a toy dragon which he is singing with still in his bedroom as we speak. It was an enjoyable day for all.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Keisha's Austrian Holiday Blog

On a holiday I went to Austria I stayed 3 places and I travelled 3 days on Saturday

i went to austria you could count the flowers

On a holiday I went to Austria I played cowbells I played choons it was fun I loved it.
It was bed time to go to slep nexst morning I did a play it was abbalt nights.
My kosjoom it was sgairy we had sords to do the play.

I went to the medieval event I saw jesters the jesters were funny they juggling after

The jesters there were a band

Then it was time to go to slep nexst morng I did kulring wiv mummy and daddy in my numbersents

Like this is how you doo it like 1-0=1 .

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Keishas Illustrated Story Book

my book is called fairy stories.
my book is abbalt fairys like ruby the red fairy she has tgot a red dures
she has got skarlut shoos they hav got laisus on the shoes.