Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cycling on the Monsal Trail

Todays trip had excellent appeal Keisha loves her bike and Louis loves trains so the mere suggestion that were going to travel along on old railway line sparked his imagination. We were going to cycle the Monsal trail which had been relaunched on 28th May 2011, described in Jim Dixons Blog. One of the special features of the relaunch was the opening of the tunnels so surprises would be in store for our intrepid adventurers.

Starting from the Hassop railway station (grid ref SK217706) we hired a bike for me with a seat for Louis. Louis felt unsteady at first but loved the passenger seat on the bike. Its a beautiful trail to cycle, many flowers at this time of year and the odd sheltered spot which helps keep you cool on thos hot days. The first tunnel was the headstone lovely and cool this was also an excellent enticement to encourage Keisha and Louis along the trail.

Here is a photograph of the inside of the Headstone tunnel (from Jim Dixons Blog)

Cressbrook mill (Richard Arkwright1783)
Friends take a break on the viaduct
Wonderful blue skies as we look along the Monsal Viaduct
We all thoroughly enjoyed our journey along the trail, we went through three tunnels. We turned around after the impressive tunnels which go through the hillside near Water-Cum-Jolly dale and one of the meanders at the start of millers dale. We turned round not far from Litton Mill (SK 163729). Although Louis loves his trains the embarrassment of making train noises through the tunnels fell to dad!

All in all this trail is a wonderful update for cyclists, horse riders and walkers, you can certainly tell with the volume of usage, especially on such a fine day as today.

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