Saturday, July 30, 2011

Living History Extravaganza and Memory Lane

We visited the Ehrenberg Reutte 2011 medieval festival which had a number of market stalls, games, a tournament and re-enactments of battles.

The event was similar in format to the battle of Tewkesbury but a larger scale and it has to be said much grander. Don't get me wrong I'm a great fan of the Tewkesbury event and have participated as a re-enactor and as part of the audience. We've also visited Le Puy de Fou but the Ehrenberg event was full of the vibrancy that is experienced at Tewkesbury.

The event was so enjoyable with a multitude of camps, excellent living history, people dressed in authentic costume and living as a historical encampment.

Before the medieval festival started there were jesters which were excellent doing a "Matrix movie" kind of slow motion acting amongst many other things. We enjoyed a band called Furunkulus. It was hilarious, Keisha was quite entranced by this musical mayhem of bagpipes, giant gongs, kettle drums and a really interesting assortment of percussion and wind instruments. It was very rocky, Keisha loved it and kept pulling me towards the stage.
Here is a clip from the day ( there is loads on you tube just search on furunkulus)

The band was lively and energised us in readiness for the tournament which started with a great procession of all the re-nactors.

As part of the procession the combatants formed a defensive wall

After the tournament we watched a battle renactment. Once again Keisha saying let's goto the front it was deafening with both canonfire and handgun fire.

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