Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Barefoot hike and a play in the sand

Today we woke up to glorious sunshine and as we made our way to Reutte to go up on the Hannekahm gondola, it was 26 degrees.

Keisha and Louis were given a sweet at the Cable Car station.

We arrived at the top and immediately next to the station, the barefoot hike commenced. We removed our hiking boots and socks and made a start. It felt odd walking on the mountain with nothing on your feet and some of the sensations underfoot were painful especially in you stepped on a prickle or stones. Luckily we all avoided the cowpats, well wet ones anyway. Keisha and Louis especially enjoyed the waterbath.

We ended up at a mountain hut and were provided with foot washing facilities. We had lunch here, which consisted of a cheese and meat platter with brot (bread) and we all had fresh milk taken from the cows we could see around us that day. It was delicious. The children played in the sand pit and there were baby calves that let Mike and I stroke them.

We watched the weather change before our eyes, the black clouds were coming over and the wind was getting up, we quickly made our way back up to the cable car station and the journey down was quite windy with the cable car moving with the wind. We just made it back to the car when the heavens opened with a very heavy rain and thunder and lightning. It was a reminder how quick the weather change in the mountains and very quickly we are unable to see any of the mountains surrounding us just low cloud.

Back at the hotel, we had a Jacuzzi and then went out to Route 66 for dinner, we had found this place both on this visit and our last visit to be very hospitable and serve great food and beer. We were sad in a way to be brought a free dessert of expresso icecream as were planning to share some kaiserschmaren but sadly had run out of room, there is always tomorrow


Spot the cricket!

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