Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Adventure at Birchen Edge

Christmas festivities, the excitement of preparations and celebrations have kept us away from the Peak District. Louis was somewhat under the weather over the Christmas holiday and his normal level of activity was somewhat dampened.

Keisha and Louis were asked what they wanted to do and there was a resounding request to go scrambling over the rocks they both wanted to go to Birchen edge. It was great to see Keisha and Louis so energised. We sat down in some of the small caves to eat goodies and pretending that they were our house. Although I warned Louis to take care by not bumping his head on the hard rocky cave roof he seemed to be more concerned about the darkness. Keisha and me wriggled and squiggled a bit as we tried to explore a small cave room.

After scrambling over the rocks near trafalgar wall, we played hide and seek around the rocks at the top (these are known as the three ships). Louis is developing an excellent scrambling technique and Keisha an appreciation of the beauty of the area by claiming that she could see the “whole world” and enquiring about what hills we could observe. She kept on noting that it is much windier near the edge of the crag.

Being near the edge was not surprisingly hazardous and it has to be said that a fair amount of effort is required to take care of them both. Keisha dropped her guard slightly and moved too close to the edge for my liking of course Louis has no comprehension of the dangers. It was a relief that they both did as they were asked.

Our game of hide and seek involved another small group of children all running over and around the three ships. Naturally I’m keeping a close eye on both K and L in particular on Louis. We had a lot of fun and we were running around. It was rather strange that Louis did not notice one of the huge “three ships” in front of him and forgot to stop. He literally head butted the rock given his age this kind of accident was not surprising. After a quick cuddle this was resolved with the application of a Thomas plaster to the forehead giving Louis the appearance of Conan the barbarian or the Sylvester Stallone character “Rambo”!

Our excitement did not stop as we returned home jumping on-top of rocks with Louis bouncing in the fern and jumping in the occasional muddy puddle. They are both becoming very competent walkers and scramblers and best of all enjoying this was an excellent walk for all of us.