Sunday, April 24, 2011


It seems sacrilage to miss a good day for walking or climbing and go to a carboot sale.
We have a need to de clutter and actually have rather a lot of stuff that would be ideal for someone else.

With mum and dad staying we took the opportunity to load the car up and head for the car boot at Bakewell. Although the pace of sales was fairly slow it was quite good fun! Selling someone a box of Penny Vincenzi books was good because they appeared especially happy with their good bargain. It was good just to chat with people and for entertaining quibbles over daft prices. Also entertaining was trying to sell a book on Special Relativity. Next time I'll attempt to sell Stephen Hawkings "A Brief History of Time", should be fun!

We are quite pleased with our stall good quality childrens toys and clothes. We made a reasonable sum of money and were pleased to have tidied up somewhat at home. Now time to have real fun and get out in the Peak!

Here are details of carboot sales near Bakewell
Bakewell Showground Car Boot Sales at Bakewell Showground

Car Boot Sales, Lady Manners School, Bakewell at Lady Manners School Bakewell

From 7am -1pm.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Streamhopping in Grindsbrook

Sunday found us driving over to Edale in the sunshine to enjoy a short stroll. The peak district was at its best sparkling in sunshine with the spring lambs springing around. We parked up in the overflow car . park by the side of the railway station (£4 for the day). Louis was very excited to be by the railway sidings

Taking a dip in Grindsbrook Clough

Monday, April 18, 2011

Long Cycle route to Hathersage

Amanda, Keisha and Louis enjoyed a visit to Mark Eaton park to catch up with a good friend. I took the opportunity go for a bike ride and meet up with a friend at Stanage. It was so good to get out on the bike today one of the things I appreciated most was to take in the sounds, sensations and varied aromas! My route took me through Barlow and on up to Owler Bar. From there I followed the main road to Hathersage and a couple of miles down the road I took the turning leading back to Sheffield. I followed the road to Ringinglow and headed along the road which follows Stanage Edge and goes below Bamford edge arriving eventually at Yorkshire Bridge. For the final leg I headed back to Hathersage and then back home via Grindelford, Claver Crossroads and Baslow. I returned home through Cuthorpe. This 36 mile route was great, a lot of hills and to be honest the final pull up the Chatsworth road had finished me I'm looking forward to trying it gain but now I have different route in mind, the Winnats pass route through mam nick and down to Edale.

In the afternoon I returned to Stanage I enjoyed a couple of routes at Stanage with Gordon.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bike Ride at Ladybower

This week Keisha has insisted on riding her bike everyday the practice has proven most beneficial. Continuing this pattern we went to Ladybower reservoir and Keisha enjoyed a ride around the Derwent reservoir. This was perfect with a mild mixture of gentle hills and slightly different terrain Keishas confidence and ability acheived a good level of proficiency.

We cycled as far as the site of Birchinlee village, known as "tin town" this was where the workers for the dams project were accommodated.

I forgot to add that its now time for me also to ride a bike, Keisha is cycling at a good speed. I enjoyed running along side, even though I have become unfit, it was enjoyable to run along. I started to have difficulty keeping up with her, she thought that was good. On the hills I had to encourage Keisha to keep going I'm sure that it will not be too long before the roles will reverse.