Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Edale Skyline

The Edale skyline is a classic walk and also a well known annual fell race, organised by the dark peak fell runners this is known as the Don Morrison memorial Edale skyline.
The following link shows the Edale skyline route.
Edale Skyline Route

Today, the weather looked good and the forecast was good. I started from Hope Railway Station and I started this is a 21 mile circuit by ascending the slopes of Win Hill.
Following the course of the roman road to Hope Cross I headed on to the moor walking towards Crookstone barn and aiming for the top of Jaggers clough. Shepherds herding their sheep sounded quite bad tempered and quite crazily I decided to avoid the two walking in my direction! I guess they have to be heard and it must be quite challenging communicating instructions which are comprehensible for dogs! By this time I was considering seriously the idea of the full skyline, the views are marvellous and all the time the weather and the route are egging me on to complete the full circuit.

By the time I had reached the top of Grindsbrook Clough I'd made the decision, I was going for the full skyline, yeeeh! Part of the motivation was that I didn't want to blog a semi edale skyline again!

There were lots of people and children out and about, its definitely half term. It felt more like a weekend than the middle of the week. Heading towards Crowden tower two gentleman suggested that the idea of the weather egging us on would just lead to srore legs. After going towards Swines back and the Jacobs ladder path, I started the walk up Brown Knoll, it was very squelchy here. The walk across the moor to Rushup edge is a long one, I eventually arrived. the sun was now low in the west and I enjoyed the sights of model areorplance, hang-gliders and parapenters all enjoying the updraft provided by Rushup edge.

This is a long circuit, I'm not completing much mileage these days so I felt the miles in my legs by the time I arrived at Mam Tor. I eventually arrived at Lose hill and made a fairly slow descent to Hope and the railway station. An excellent day and after reading about the Don Morrison memorial, I'm ignoring an old knee injury and contemplating a run of the complete circuit! I am tired after this walk but it certainly has not dampened my enthusiasm!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hide and Seek on Baslow Edge

Today was a beautiful day, so we decided to make the most of it and go out for a walk. With my stupid knee still playing up, we decided Baslow Edge would be an excellent choice. It was busy when we parked up at Curbar, so we decided to head up along the edge rather than straight down the path. I just love the views over the edge you can see for miles. Keisha and Louis ran excitedly along, pleased to be out on an adventure. We quickly came across lots of excellent rocks so we played some games of hide and seek which was great fun.

Louis is enjoying his new found freedom of being free from the carrier and enjoyed scrambling up the rocks and jumping across with Keisha, he was particularly delighted to find pools of water amongst the rocks and stirring the water like a cauldron. There were nice clear views of chatsworth and nice to see a side without scaffolding.
We headed back over to the big rock and learnt the legend that a boy needed to be able to climb it if he was to marry. Great to be out in the peaks