Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cresswell Crags

We are being drawn out of the Peak district to the delights of the Dukeries . Today the air was crisp and fine with a light mist adding to the chill in the air. This was perfect for our trip back through time to explore Cresswell crags. SK538754 Cresswell crags has a visitor centre providing lots of activities and a somewhere for a coffee. A lot of excellent work has been undertaken to explain the history that is evident from discoveries made in this area. The area is a small dale with a collection of limestone crags and some caves. It's quite a short walk through the mini dale but extremely interesting with a trip through time. At different locations they mark the locations of various discoveries. It was excellent for Keisha who read each one and started to gain an appreciation of larger numbers as she was reading 10000, 50000 and 150000 years at each station. I'm waiting for the question, but how do we know that flint implement is 45000 years old? Once again, I'm also inquisitive about the Carbon dating technique used? The centre offers guided cave visits the picture below is an example of a cave painting. Church cave has prehistoric cave paintings which is the only example to be found in the UK.

This area is excellent for young and old alike. The great benefit is that the area is well looked after so that many people may benefit. We had a sneak preview of one of the exhibitions, fortunately, Keisha and Louis were moving along somewhat energetically! Perhaps it's best to leave the exhibition until the end. We're keen to return, particularly to try one of the cave visits. Keisha and Louis both loved it here so we won't have a problem convincing them!

For further information:
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