Sunday, March 11, 2012

Freds Bike Ride

Keishas blog entry

On Sunday I went cycling to Ladybower because it was a beautiful day. We cycled up and down hills, I cycled all the way to Slippery Stones it was a very long way we had a picnic at Slippery Stones. We paddled in the water at Slippery Stones, the water was cold.

This is my brother on the wall.

This is my brother on the bike trailer he was having such fun there.

There's not much but some people or ponie's there's not enough poeple to ride every single person can't ride a pony because there's not enough ponie's for poeple.

Me and Arwen in the freezing cold water at Slippery Stones and Louis looking on.

I cycled over the bridge it had hills.

Me and Fred on my bike. The gears on my bike make it easy to cycle up hill.

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