Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mud fight on Higger Tor!

Keisha and Louis were excited to get out today the weather was glorious and we were all going out for an adventure. Most importantly K and L were going to meet up with their friends!
We all packed a lunch and met up just beyond fiddlers elbow at the path which leads to the top of Higger tor. Our objective to go weasling. The day had started with a thick fog and we set off late to allow it to clear so almost immediately we were looking for a lunch stop. We walked over the top of Higger tor and quickly made it to the leaning block, our lunch spot.

We enjoyed watching the climbers on the leaning block. After lunch a brief chill out was enjoyed on the hot rock they were keen to get going and clamber over the rocks. Keisha was enjoying the challenges that her friend presented but Louis wanted to copy, this was a potential problem?

Looking towards Carl Wark from Higger Tor
They all enjoyed weasling and scrambling through the rocks. Higger offers a great number of challenges for the young weasler. We kept to the simpler ones, normally a helmet is required for weasling but as we had two very young weaslers we wanted to keep things simple and therefore safer? Once on the top they enjoyed running across the flat moor and were entertained by patches of peat bog. Keisha being very cheeky thought it entertaining to throw chunks of peat at her friend the game went down well until dad caught them!

Louis lost his boots!
Having fun on the moor.

We were glad to get away from the rocks, it was hardwork keeping an eye on the youngsters.
We eventually dropped of the top of Higger tor and walked through the woods to the Burbage valley. Playing in the river was now the new entertaining feature!

Near Burbage bridge they all went in search of the troll under the bridge. Instead they had to settle for ice cream from the van.... so important for motivating them

The companions enjoyed their adventure!

It was wonderful to come out and explore, they were all so happy to be out with their friends, this was a great day.

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