Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Adventure To Northumberland

A blog entry by Keisha age 6

On Saturday I travelled to Northumberland. In the evening I got in the swimming pool. I enjoyed having the pool to myself. I practised my diving and my swimming. I went to bed and was sharing a room with my brother Louis. On Sunday, we went to Seahouses we paid to go on a boat trip ,on Tuesday. After that I went to the shop and we got a fishing net because we wanted to do some fishing , and we got a bucket and spade . After I got in my silver car to go to the beach near Warkworth . Next I went in the shimmering and glittering sea. After that we made a massive sand castle. When we had finished it, Louis destroyed my ginormous sand castle. Again we kept running into the sea to get buckets of water to put them in the giant sand castle to make it wet sand. Then we went back to Pottery cottage where we were staying for seven days. On Tuesday it was the day to go on the boat trip at Seahouses and it was a freezingly cold day on the boat. The boat was called Serenity [link farneislands seahouses boats twitter]. It took us to an island in the ocean and you had to wear a hat because birds might peck you on the head and pooh on your head. Then we had some lunch, I had a Nutella wrap. It was delicious, I loved it. When it was Wednesday we went to Holy Island. Me and daddy went to the castle but we had to be quick because of the tide. When you are late you will get surrounded by the water. In the castle we did a trail it was about lots of questions to answer about kings and queens. Whatever letter it was you had to write it down on the piece of paper that was on the clipboard. Only the letters could be A, B, C or D. The man said that all my questions were right. He gave me a chocolate egg (from easter), some carrot seeds and a book all about activities. Then we got on a bus to the cafĂ© where mummy and Louis were. Louis was pleased to see me and daddy. Then I asked mummy if I could have a mint choc chip ice cream, we paid for it quickly so we didn’t get surrounded by water. Then we got back into the car and drove back to Pottery cottage. On Thursday we went to Cragside to meet mummys friend. Meanwhile we were waiting for Vicky, mummys friend. We played in the adventure playground we had some climbing and balancing competitions over the little hut. Then Louis and me went on the zip wire. Louis went on my lap on three of the goes. By the time me and Louis had our last go on the zip wire daddy and mummy told us that it was time to go and meet Vicky. After that moment we had a drink and food to eat. We had a nibble or two. Next we all went into the shop. Louis bought a person on a horse and I bought a bug hunter set. There was everything that you needed to find bugs. Even a poster and a book called bug hunter. At Cragside there was a beautiful and colourful iron bridge. We all went over two bridges except mummy but she was waving to us by the house. Only I waved to her but I don’t know if she noticed. Next, I did a trim trail with monkey bars and lots of other adventure things. Then we walked back to Nelly Mosses car park where mummy was in the car waiting for all of us. Then daddy drove us back home to Pottery cottage. On Friday morning daddy and I went in the swimming pool. In the swimming pool we daddy threw the diving sticks and I had to dive and get them. Then I did a couple of lengths and I practiced my frogs legs. I went swimming for a second time. I said my favourite thing about the whole day was that I liked mummy and daddy helping me to swim. Then I went to Pottery cottage. Next I had my tea we had pizza and jacket potato. Then we got in the car and went back to chesterfield. A little latter we stopped for some lunch . finally we got in the car and drove off . When I got home I was excited to see my bedroom.

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