Monday, July 23, 2012

Touching the Crag

After the bad spell of weather, it's so great to get out to the crag again. I had an early start at work so left early promising Keisha a trip out to the crag. We wandered to Birchen edge the cows were enjoying the shade of the trees by the path up to the crag. The sand of the path glistened in the sunlight, Keisha likened it to fairy dust and started making up stories. We arrived at the edge and had a look at some of the routes near Trafalgar wall. We decided on some routes to the right of Trafalgar wall which we christened Trafalgar junior. Keisha came to the top and experimented with placing different pieces of gear while a rigged a top rope. Keisha enquired about the Hex's, Wall nuts, Rocks and friends. Climbing was good fun and we tried two lines quite close together I could easily move the belay across to the next route. The first route was slightly undercut and Keisha was slightly off balance with a shortage of handholds which she found quite disconcerting. We had to practice lowering off. Although Keisha has practiced lowering off at the climbing wall she needed more practice. The problem here is that Keisha felt out of control. As soon as she had learned the techniques for steadying herself she was happy and started having fun. The second route was easier and she tried this repeatedly show good technique with friction, trying side pulls and mantel shelf moves. It was excellent fun. I was allowed a moment to wander up Trafalgar wall, bonus!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Sun Spots and All

This evening we had glorious sunshine, well, with a lot of gardening jobs to do we asked Keisha to suggest what we should do. Her suggestion was to view the sun with the telescope. At this point it is important to stress that Solar observing is dangerous and can be hazardous to eyesight. Safety is everyone's responsibility. Never view the sun directly if you are unsure of how too observe the sun safely then seek advice. For our telescope we purchased Baader solar safety film from Sherwoods. We have constructed two filters which fit over the main telescope and over the finderscope. It's a particularly interesting time to observe the sun with the Solar maximum in 2013 there are many active sunspots in the equitorial regions of the sun.

Below is my image of active region  AR1520, there is a good SDO movie of AR1520 evolving over the last few days. The image was taken using a Philips toucam, webcam. The best 150 frames were chosen from a 600 frames and these were aligned using registax.

A selection of pictures of AR1520 may be found at, the picture below was shows one of the wonderful images that may be found.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Troll Hunt at Stanage Plantation

We drove to Stanage Plantation ( SK240841 ) this afternoon with the promise of a Troll hunt. We were informed by a contact that the Trolls live in some of the caves of Stanage but on bright summer days such as this they like to cool off on the boggy pools of the moors above Stanage. My motivated troll hunters eagerly made there way through Stanage planation and up to the edge.

We all enjoyed scrambling over the boulders, Louis really goes for it. Keisha climbs with style and elegance we really must get her out climbing soon. I'm looking forward to developing Louis excellent potential too!

 Looking back to the Plantation

 No Trolls here!

Holly bush gully

I enjoyed figuring the moves on the climbing route Holly Tree gully, Keisha and Louis urged us on , they were keen to get to the top. We found a convenient nick at an easier part of the edge. They climbed easily through the minor problem which challenged us. I stood behind ensuring the moves were completed safely!

Looking northwest along the top of Stanage edge.

After eating a snack bar at the top of Stanage we wandered along to the track leading from the top and down to the Stanage plantation. They both decided that running would be excellent and ran all the way back to the Plantation! Perhaps they were motivated by the desire for ice cream!

Friends on the Skyline

After meeting our friends in April we decided to attempt a long distance walk. We were disappointed as the White Peak walk was fully booked and so we decided to do our own walk. It was agreed that we try the Edale Skyline. Starting from Hope Railway station we approached the slopes of Win Hill.
Hope Railway station
Approach to Win Hill

Hope Cross

Grinsdbrook Clough

Rushup Edge
Mam Tor

On our approach to Mam Nick we could see poor weather and as we got closer our families descending the hill side. After an excellent days walk we opted for a pint at the Millstone before our friends returned home.