Sunday, July 8, 2012

Troll Hunt at Stanage Plantation

We drove to Stanage Plantation ( SK240841 ) this afternoon with the promise of a Troll hunt. We were informed by a contact that the Trolls live in some of the caves of Stanage but on bright summer days such as this they like to cool off on the boggy pools of the moors above Stanage. My motivated troll hunters eagerly made there way through Stanage planation and up to the edge.

We all enjoyed scrambling over the boulders, Louis really goes for it. Keisha climbs with style and elegance we really must get her out climbing soon. I'm looking forward to developing Louis excellent potential too!

 Looking back to the Plantation

 No Trolls here!

Holly bush gully

I enjoyed figuring the moves on the climbing route Holly Tree gully, Keisha and Louis urged us on , they were keen to get to the top. We found a convenient nick at an easier part of the edge. They climbed easily through the minor problem which challenged us. I stood behind ensuring the moves were completed safely!

Looking northwest along the top of Stanage edge.

After eating a snack bar at the top of Stanage we wandered along to the track leading from the top and down to the Stanage plantation. They both decided that running would be excellent and ran all the way back to the Plantation! Perhaps they were motivated by the desire for ice cream!

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