Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eastern Edges

Rain was forecast today, fortunately it was wrong the forecast rain had passed early this morning and the darkened skies were the final vestiges were passing through. We started from the Moscar end of Stanage SK231878. Our objective was the Robin Hood Inn SK281721 near Birchen edge. The route we planned to take followed the eastern edges. Starting with Stanage, Burbage, White Edge, Froggatt Edge, Curbar dge, Baslow Edge and Gardoms edge.

The walk along Stanage was thoroughly enjoyable a few climbers were out, it was fairly nippy and the rock looked as though it might be somewhat damp, but Stanage gritstone has great friction.  By the time we had reached the Cowper stone end of Stanage it was time for something to eat.
We continued onto Burbage and walked  below Burbage along the Green drive. Continuing to Longshaw house we stopped for a cup of tea, this was turning out to be a rather pleasurable excursion! Walking through the Longshaw estate the skies cleared giving way to  blue skies and a pleasent evening.
Well time was marching on and we were definitely not marching! We decided that rather than follow the top of Froggatt and Curbar edges we'd walk over the top of White edge and green edge, a favourite running route of mine.

As we walked on the track over Baslow edge the sun disappeared below the horizon there was just enough light to get good shots of the Eagle Stone and the Wellington monument. The Wellington monument is interesting it's said that it was built in 1866 to commemorate a visit to the area by the Iron Duke. It's also claimed that it was built to match Nelsons monument.

The final section of the walk was quite tricky, we walked from the road junction with the Sheffield Road to the start of Gardoms edge. At this point there was still just enough light to cross the quagmire with the aid of the odd branch used to provide a convenient crossing. It was n't long before it became completely dark with our way lit only by the light of the waxing crescent of the 5 day old moon. Following Gardoms edge and the drystone wall near its top was easy, it became tricky as we got closer to the road. We were very pleased with our 16.6 mile walk.


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