Monday, December 31, 2012

New years eve reflection

2012 has been a frustrating year for me in terms of walking and enjoying the peaks.  My family have continued to enjoy and have wonderful adventures , their little faces in the photos and seeing the breathtaking photos has kept me sane and going through this difficult year.  We are all ready to embrace 2013 and I can't wait to enjoy the simple pure pleasure and delight of our family adventures once more.  Happy new year to everyone, feel free to leave comments if our blog has led you out to the peaks x

Magical Millstone

The best place to visit is Magical millstone, that's what Keisha told me and I would definitely agree. I enjoy climbing its magical corners and edges on summer evenings. Today was blustery and we sought some respite from the wind  chill by descending from the Surprise view car park to the quarried edges of Millstone.

The Shot holes SK245805 were used to deliver explosive into the rock wall for the purpose of extracting huge quantities of stone. This appealed to Louis we told him about how this rock was used to build the Ladybower, Derwent and Howden dams and how steam engines were used to move the rock. We enjoyed exploring the many bays from embankment wall to the Great slab. Before we started our climb up we had a snack near the Cioch.

Scrambling over the top of Millstone Louis was pretending to be a mountain climber and in hos excitement forgot about the wind chill we soon scrambled on to the top block of Over Owler Tor. Louis was quite excitable.

On the way down Louis took a liking to jumping in every puddle and squelching in every boggy bit. The area around mother cap boulder was particularly squelchy. Keisha found a pet rock monster and decided to cuddle it! We had all enjoyed our quick wander and scramble around Millstone and we're plotting further adventures for next year.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas carol and christmas tree picking at Longshaw

As we approached longshaw carpark the volunteers had placed tea lights all along the path with the icy ground in the dark it looked magical and the ground was sparkling as we made our way to the Christmas tree sales.  We got to work choosing a tree from the wonderful large collection of trees they had there.  The children found it exciting shining their torches on the trees as we tried to choose one. We soon choose the perfect tree and had it netted up whilst being warmed by the wonderful fire which had the aroma of pine. We made our way to the education centre for the carol singing and were greeted with a warm welcome by the NT volunteers we warmed up singing a few carols before being joined by three musicians on the accordion and violins. This certainly added to our singing. Keisha really enjoyed it and treated us to a German verse of silent night .  We made our way outside to enjoy some more carols around the fire.  The children were keen to do the Christmas crafts so they decorated pine cones and took home some willow and paper to make stars.
A magical evening.