Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dark Peak 50 Mile Classic: A 40 Mile Tester

Over the last few weeks I've managed to build up a fair amount of mileage both running and cycling. After the trip to Scotland I was feeling quite strong and I decided that it would be useful to increase my mileage. After all 50 miles seems to be a crazy ultra marathon distance and I still have no way of determining if it's achievable or I am even capable of doing this.

The weather seemed ok, if I started early I could miss the forecast deluge of rain promised for later in the day and it was certainly a little cooler than recently. The plan was to run a 40 mile section from the top of Jacobs ladder (see the maps in the route description at dark-peak-50-mile-classic-part-1) and finish at the Curbar Gap.

Starting at 5:00am in the morning from Upper Booth I walked briskly up Jacobs ladder and onto Kinder Low. From here, I managed a steady pace all the way round to Moscar House. My route was slowed by the the groughs on Bleaklow, near Swains Greave and on Round Hill. I also had a couple of small stops for food and water.

Since the phone was running low on power I stopped the tracking application at Back Tor. Once again the climb on to Stanage beat me (see dark-peak-50-mile-classic-part-2) I managed a brisk walk! At this point all I could think of was to give my legs a cooling bath in the stream at Burbage. Although I'd drunk regularly and brought along extra water I suspect I was starting to over heat. At Burbage the ice cream van had a good supply of drinks so I purchased a lucozade energy drink and a seven-up. By the time I reached the end of the Green drive I started to run again. From the wooden pole at the top end of the Longshaw estate I started the MapMyRun tracker and ran to Curbar gap going via the Grouse Inn, Froggatt  and Curbar edge. Details of the route are on MapMyRun at part1 for the first 24.27 mile section of the run. The middle section 11.9 mile section from Back tor to the Wooden pole at Longshaw was not recorded. The final 3.82 mile section is recorded at part2.

This 40 mile run was completed in 10hrs and 19minutes and the day after I seemed to have recovered quite well. I enjoyed the day out, it would be good to develop my strength and manage a run up some of those climbs! Most importantly it appears that the objective of running this 50 mile circuit is now achievable with more sustained and injury free training.

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