Sunday, November 10, 2013

Longshaw Ant Walk

This is a picture of a ,map you can buy at  Longshaw estate. We followed the ant trail it is marked by the yellow lines & dots  on the map below.

This is a wonderful sight of the walk because  of the fluffy bumpy clouds.

This is me standing on a carved out bench. If you look closely you will see the moon on my head!

The sun is sticking through the tree against the squelchy path of the ant trail. I thought this one was fascinating because the clouds were shaped unsually.

This was my favorite part of the walk `cause of the beautiful colors! 

I found a wonderful den    I could sit down in it because I had waterproof trousers in it.

When we got back we could tell because the pond was the closest sign until we were at the visitor center.  

We all like playing on the big log at the end. It is opposite the massive, deep,reflected  pond.

                                                            This is a lovely  picture of the moon.

                                      When we were near the car park  this is what it looked like.