Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day on Higger Tor

                                 Boxing day on Higger tor

Fancy weasling or a scramble on the rocks? Yes, well Higger Tor is the place for you.
I went out with my grandma on boxing day and i had to help her do some srambling .

Wandering around minding his own business!

                                             Lovely cloudy view up above Stanage from Higger tor

The shape of the rocks were flatter than a carpet so hard flat icy rocks to walk on,

                        Lovely action in that scramble like an active everlasting energy

                               Best foggy view i've  ever seen  like a sea of mist gently floating above the paths.

We call it the leaning  crag but it actually is called  the gritstone and is very coarse. Also it scares us because it leans so much its like a giant monster that has caught us!

A boy using his imagination to pretend that his house is in the mountains in a invisible land on a cloud!

Looking across to the Iron age hill fort on Carl Wark

 Me looking at the beautiful misty floating mountains bigger than a bursted elephants!

Us at the millstone inn with my relative not wanting a picture! 
She said about now "i think that walk was more to be joyful"


Keisha Griffiths said...

It was great fun it was the best walk ever but no better than my favourite surprise
Thank you

Michael Griffiths said...

Thanks for a splendid walk and the lovely write up. The next time we are out in the Peak District will be next year!

Lee Firth said...

Some lovely photos of the temperature inversion down in the valley.