Sunday, December 7, 2014

Eastern Edges< Burbage Valley and Higger Tor

It was disappointing to miss out on a walk with friends it seemed to be the right thing to do to spend time with my family doing flower arranging!

This morning I parked the car at Surprise view (SK249801) and ran through Longshaw to the Grouse Inn. During the morning there had been plenty of showers and my run was during a break between further showers.

I ran along the eastern edges to the eagle stone and down to Baslow on the run up to the Robin Hood  (SK279721), I warmed up and removed by waterproof a pleasant steady run up the hill. It was good to return to the trail run I started to weaze a bit as I pulled up the track to Birchen edge is was good to slosh through the mud as I ran back towards Clodhall lane (SK278739).

The rainbows in the distance were beautiful and the sky darkening. The run over white edge and green edge was a battle as the rain stung my face and the howling gale made a good effort to push me back.

Things eased up as a jogged back down through Longshaw. The forestry works at Burbage are making excellent progress but green drive is chewed up by the forestry vehicles. It was good to return to the Green drive untainted by heavy vehicles.  At this stage between 15 and 16 miles my legs were starting to feel the distance. Since I'm planning another marathon in the spring this explains why I'm running this distance.

The final pull up Higgar Tor left me weazing for breath again but I pressed on. It was pleasant to run over Mother cap and back to surprise view. Pace was a little slow today but there was still pleanty of time to do the Christmas jobs for my family.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Scrambling the Coca-Cola River

After Halloween we went to Edale and did a seven mile walk up Grindsbrook Clough and along the southern edge of Kinder Scout. We started our return to Edale at Golden Clough and walked towards the Nab dropping down to the Pennine Way at Heardmans Plantation. (Photograph comments kindly added by Keisha)

We saw some really frightening pumpkins that were carved beautifully.

                                          I gave Louis a hug gently. He had a bright green jumper!

We ran along the crumbly path, along the valley, we really enjoyed scrambling up there.

Louis and I bent down eagerly to see the brown coca cola river.

We scrambled carefully along the rocks that were hard as metal and we did it as quick as a bolt of lightning .

Louis was sitting as if the rocks were his own sofa.

I was pretending to be a four legged creepy  crawly.

We were scrambling amongst the rocks as if we were famous climbers.

Here we were scrambling in the cold  coca cola river .

                  Look at our beautiful water feature heading to our house,(The Peak District.)

Louis was  filled with fury he's cold and anxious.

Me and Louis our the posh people of the world. we are at the top of grindsbrook clouf and grindslow knoll.

Look at the view it makes us filled with awe .

Louis trudged slowly along the path. It was much colder so we had to wrap up.

The views our my favourite thing about the peak district.

Our faces are a portrait in the rock.
                                     I love this valley its my favourite.

Look how far we've come.
Poor Louis his legs our worn down.

(Note by Dad: Don't believe the picture above his batteries quickly recharged and he was off spinning around once more! Very proud of our two excellent explorers! )

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Haloween Half Marathon

It was quite blustery this morning we headed off to run the Worksop Halloween Half Marathon and Fun Run. We met friends and their children near the start the adrenalin and excitement were high!

Naturally likle any good athelete we had to warm up 

The champions finished and were buzzing around with humongous amounts of adrenalin! We were all really pleased. 

An excellent event I'd recommend. The highlight was after the race racing my friends young lad across a car park. v. fast. Our kids were wild before the race and wild after their fun run, they should've done the Half Marathon!
The Half Marathon  runs up hill out of Worksop and heads on undulating roads to Clumber Park. The tree lined avenues offered excellent shelter from the wind. One of the longs straights out of the park was entertaining in that someone had placed jokes either side of the road. A most helpful distraction.
The run back into Worksop was fab as it was down the same initial incline.  Thoroughly enjoyable I ended up in a group where everyone was just speeding up! There was some good racing. It felt fab on that bit loads of adrenalin. Great to see my family at the endThe finish.

We are the Champions 
Half marathon results
Fun Run Results
The goody bag contained an excellent Halloween running shirt. K and L enjoyed shaking habds at the end with the werewolf who designed the medals.  The following week we followed this up with the North derbyshire Running clubs No walk in the park 5k. K and L were pleased because they found it easier. Unfortunately they practiced the full race before the start rather than warming up!  We all had a lot of fun and a bacon butty at the end... yum!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Climbing at Dovestone Tor and the Dambuster Flypast

The weather was bright this morning and full of promise although we were up early we seemed to make a late departure. Our plan was to walk along Derwent Edge to Dovestone Tor and to try a climbing route. We tried a few parking spots but everwhere seemed alarmingly full at 1000 am. We eventually found a spot in the car park at Cutthroat bridge. Chatting to someone on our walk to Derwent edge we learned of a fly past of the Lancaster from the RAF Battle of Britain memorial flight which was scheduled for 1615.

We carried along the edge to Dovestone Tor where we sat in the shelter tent and had lunch. We scrambled around looking for a suitable line to climb. We all had fun exploring the wonderful Dovestone edge, we roped up and ascended an interesting line to the top. It was a great opportunity for Keisha and Louis to get to grips with some basic mountaineering ideas of how to use and manage a rope.

On our return from Dovestone Tor we joined the throng of people eager to view a pair of Lancaster's do a flypast over Derwent reservoir. The A57 was turned into a car park and a great crowd of people joined the walk back to their cars scattered along the A57. As one of the Lancasters will return to Canada this is the final opportunity to see a pair of Lancasters. A wonderful experience its strange to think that the Lancaster Radio set housed in Battle of Britain museum at the Derwent dam conjured memories of my days as an Air Cadet. On many Sunday mornings I  would use an old radio set from a Lancaster bomber a privilege then and a valued memory restored today.

We met some friends form the Castle Mountaineering Club who seemed to be quite amused with my grubby youngsters beaming and clearly having a good time in the hills. 

Further information about these wonderful historical aircraft are here.
Lancaster 2014 UK Tour
RAF Battle of Britain memorial Flight
Dambusters Blog

 RAF Battle of Britain memorial Flight

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chesterfield Marathon 14th September 2014

I feel that my recent experiences with training for the Chesterfield half marathon were not entirely positive. One thing for sure is that it's clear that training did not go as planned. I have been dependent on tips and encouragement from the runners world forum and that has been most beneficial. Although I wanted to run sub 4 I'd decided to treat the run as a training run and let go of targets. It's the first time there has been a marathon in Chesterfield for over 30 yrs and apart from a 56 mile ultra early in July this was my first marathon for 20 years. 

But how did things work out on race day? Weather today was perfect, cloudy and cool with a light breeze the race started at 0830 outside Queens Park, the usual mass enthusiasm and excitement. Today I felt liberated from my GPS device as stupidly I'd left it at home. 

The race allegedly offered the promise of a fast half marathon time. Actually I found the first half fairly OK. The race took you around the town centre and then out on a lane of the dual carriageway, that sounds quite dull but I enjoyed chatting people on the way out. I soon realised that my time was 10 mins/mile too much chatting! The next section of 6 miles was quite a pleasant run along country roads to the beautiful village of Heath and then back through Hasland. Lots of people turned out and cheered us on including by friends who were looking after my children for the day. I was surprised that drawing to the end of the first half marathon the pace didn't pick up as much and I watched carefully to make sure I wasn't keeping pace with the half marathoners. Half marathon was completed in 2hrs 2mins and it was strange as we headed up rather a sharp pull to start the 2nd half while the half marathoners finished. 

The numbers thinned out, but the people cheering us on did not. The next six miles featured a few loop returns (e.g. out along a road and back around a roundabout). It was good to see people returning having completed this section. There was less chat on this section people were knuckling down. As we left the Sheepbridge industrial estate the run headed to Newbold village there was rather a long climb. I was OK with this as its one of my winter runs but I thought that was quite hard after 19 miles! The nicest section of the run was next this took us through Holmebrook valley park for some off roading! What I thought was the hardest climb came next at 21-22 miles. Another hill I'm used too but unfortunately I only ever run down this one and that's as fast as you can. All I can say is that it was *******, however I kept on going. At the top I enjoyed my picnic and planned food break walking briskly along (thanks for the tip from the runners world forum). Only 4 miles left now into town. 

The crowds built up the legs became increasingly heavy and wow there were my friends and children again, how lucky was that? There was only one more hill left and after everything this one is not going to beat me, I was ready for it! The final section leads into town in front of the Town hall and then back down rather a steep into Queens park. For a 400m circuit around the pond and another 400m circuit around the cricket pitch, which seemed to take a while, I didn't really have much left in my legs for a final blast but did my best to plod I crossed the finish line after 3hours 59m 45s (from my watch). I was really pleased with that it has made up for all the training niggles.

 When collecting my bag at the end I took advantage of a complementary massage from a very helpful physio. I would recommend this marathon the people of Chesterfield came out and provided excellent support. I suspect that this event will get better as there is also some entertainment at strategic locations along the route. I hope to try it again next year.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Louis Summer Holiday in Northumberland

Here as some photographs I have chosen from our holiday in Northumberland

Mummy and keisha went on the party bus,. They partied so much they had to stop and rest.

We went on the bridge that went all the way to Scotland from Northumberland.

Here is Alnwick castle, we were going to broomstick flying classes.

Here is my sister flying on her broomstick.

We looked at a real carriage which horses pull. This carriage was used for a very special wedding.

Me and Keisha dressed up as a knight and a princess. We had our picture taken.

This is my favourite picture. I had a fight with a real dragon. I was so happy I won the sword fight.

We walked around the castle walls

We have seen stones with squirly patterns in the Peak district, we saw this stone at Alnwick castle.

We had lots of visits to the beach.

We looked in the rock pools.

We found a jelly fish.

Me and Keisha ran in the water at the beach.

We saw an actual Jelly fish swimming in the water at the beach.

Daddy and Keisha buried me in the sand.

Me and Keisha found a new friend at the beach, we played with it at the beach and we made it walk the tight rope. Our friend is a spider!

I caught a small starfish in my net and then we took a photograph and put it back into the water.