Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lathkill, Cheedale, Millers Dale and the Monsal Trail

I stepped out of the car at the Hassop Station Cafe/Bookshop on a nice crisp morning with a blue sky, yehh. Our two heroes remained at home as my intention today was to walk Lathkill Dale and Cheedale (repeating part of yesterdays walk). The route proceeded in a clockwise direction from The Hassop Station bookshop (gridref. SK217705) to Bakewell, along Lathkill dale to Monyash, Limestone Way to Blackwell, along Cheedale, Millers Dale and returning along the Monsal trail to the start. The 24 mile route is illustrated on the map below.

The full route

I was pleased to have started the walk from Hassop it was good to walk relatively early in the morning meeting dog walkers on the Monsal trail and watching the shops open as I went through Bakewell. It was good to be sufficiently early to avoid busy streets. 

The route to Bakewell followed the Monsal trail as far as Bakewell station 

Beautiful Lathkill

A Sluice in Lathkill Dale
Millstones in Lathkill Dale

The source of the river Lathkill

Not far from our house is a sign which points to a pinfold I didn't know exactly what these were, the sign and the following photograph provide a nice explanation. This pinfold is

Some friendly horses said hello!

I followed the limestone way from Monyash to Flagg on leaving Flagg I was intrigued by the Five wells chambered cairn a picture is shown below.
There is an easy access path full details are available at the Megalithic portal and Derbyshire Heritage.

The walk from Flagg to Blackwell

The first set of Cheedale stepping stones.. these had become slightly submerged since yesterday. I was quite surprised by the level (not as high as I would expect). There has been a lot of precipitation over the last couple of weeks. Yesterday there was a story about a new sink hole opening up, near Foolow (BBC news story). 

A Bridge near Cheedale tunnel

The second set of Cheedale stepping stones
Millers dale viaduct, no abseilers today!

The route from Blackwell along Cheedale to Millers Dale and along the Monsal trail

The lime kilns at Millers dale
A curious early evening cloud pattern, some form of vortex shedding perhaps.

The Litton tunnel the next tunnel is the cressbrook tunnel  (details at Wikipedia - Monsal Trail)

The return route along the Monsal trail

Near beautiful Water-Cum-Jolly

As I paced along the Monsal trail the sun was beginning to set, it was becoming cooler although the temperature had barely risen to a levl which could be described as warm. I've been using MapMyRun to track the route today I had a spare battery back this was needed as it took 7 hours and 20 minutes to complete the route. To view the route on mapmyrun follow the link below:

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Lee Firth said...

I'm rather surprised too looking at the photo of the stepping stones in Chee Dale; after all the recent rain I would have expected them being underwater.

I was walking in Lathkill Dale last week and the water level was very high, with part of the footpath being flooded to a depth of ten inches.