Sunday, February 23, 2014

Edale Skyline, Stanage and the Eastern Edges

Last week I posted information about fund raising for  Together for Short Lives, the challenge is the Dark Peak 50 mile classic which I've been writing about for sometime. Training must start in earnest! Today looked a good day to try the Edale skyline. In a difference from normal I started at Yorkshire bridge and ascended Win Hill. The next part of the walk is to drop down towards Hope before and then to ascend, Lose Hill.

Looking Towards Kinder from the top of Win Hill

View of the skyline from the descent of Lose Hill

Mam Tor, The Shivering Mountain

Edale Cross with Lose hill in the background.

The last time I tried this route I struggled on the final ascent up Win Hill. Today it was a little easier. The full route was 21 miles and is detailed at MapMyRun Edale Skyline on Map Myrun.

In a bid to clock up mileage I set out again this morning and started at the Leadmill bridge just outside Hathersage.  The plan was to walk up to Bamford the along to Stanage End. The start of the walk along the river Derwent was pleasant.
The stepping stones over the river Derwent, the water was quite high, walking sticks and waders would have been necessary! Keisha and Louis would love too come here. From Stanage end, I followed the edge  until arriving at Burbage I continued to the Longshaw Estate to Longshaw lodge. The run along Green Edge and White Edge was blustery. I returned from Curbar Gap and ran over Curbar and Froggatt edges. A walk through Hay Wood returned me to Grindleford and from there I had a muddyy walk/jog by the river too my car at the Leadmill bridge

As shown on MapMyRun (Stanage and Eastern Edges on Map My Run) the 22 mile circuit was completed in just over 6 hours. Running over the last two days has made me realise how challenging a 50 mile run will be.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Together for Short Lives

This year is a special year for our family and not just because I will celebrating a fiftieth birthday. It would also be the fiftieth birthday of my sister in law, Tanya.

Tanya was the first child of Amanda's mum and dad she passed away at the age of 15 months. The  experience of the loss of a loved one is always incredibly hard. Mum and dad live with this bereavement every day. In October and January they relive the pain they experienced when they lost their beloved daughter.

50 years ago there was little or no support for children and their families experiencing such difficult times. As a memorial to Tanya we are planning to raise money for the charity,

"Together for Short Lives is the leading UK charity for all children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions and all those who support, love and care for them. We support families, professionals and services, including children’s hospices. Our work helps to ensure that children can get the best possible care, wherever and whenever they need it."

Our fund raising activities will include a 50 mile run around hills and moors of the beautiful Peak District. This blog details the preparation and training which I've undertaken for this run (postings tagged darkpeak50mileclassic). We'll be running this route on Saturday 5th July (we have a back up plan to take account of weather and other unforeseen eventualities).

Donations to Together for Short Lives may be made through VirginMoneyGiving. Please follow our blog for further updates and information on how you can donate fund raising  for Together for Short Lives. Thank you for  reading our blog.

Full details of the route of the 50 mile route are available in three sections at:

  1. Dark Peak 50 Mile Classic: Part 1
  2. Dark Peak 50 Mile Classic: Part 2
  3. Dark Peak 50 Mile Classic: Part 3

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dark Peak 50 Mile Classic: Part 3

It was a pleasure to walk the final section of the 50 mile challenge with Keisha. The weather forecast hinted at rain in the afternoon, we attempted to set off earlier with blue skies, cold crisp air and a wind that sliced through at any opportunity.  This final section of the of the 50 mile challenge starts from the pole car park on the Longshaw estate along Froggatt and Curbar edges. The final section goes near the top of Baslow to the Eagle stone and the Wellington monument.

We strode out along the track to the lodge on White edge moor stamping through the ice on the puddled path. It was very wet and soggy under foot evidence of many days of rain. Walking near Baslow edge to the eagle stone the clouds started to gather.

  The Eagle Stone

 The Wellington monument.


 Which way is it to Chesterfield?

 Who is that hiding behind that stone?
The stone displayed some intriguing words as shown in the pictures below.


On the approach to the Birchen edge path Keisha noticed the repercussions of our jumping in puddles games. The coldness resulting from her damp feet became an issue and she expressed a feeling of tiredness. Stopping at a favourite bolder near Birchens we took some food on board, Keisha seemed to find it easier to move on.

As we arrived at the car the rain started, our timing was perfect. Hooray, at last I've finished the full circuit! I'm so proud of Keisha who walked this pretty route very easily. The 7.55 mile route took us 3 hours 14 minutes and is detailed on MapMyRun.