Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dark Peak 50 Mile Classic: Part 3

It was a pleasure to walk the final section of the 50 mile challenge with Keisha. The weather forecast hinted at rain in the afternoon, we attempted to set off earlier with blue skies, cold crisp air and a wind that sliced through at any opportunity.  This final section of the of the 50 mile challenge starts from the pole car park on the Longshaw estate along Froggatt and Curbar edges. The final section goes near the top of Baslow to the Eagle stone and the Wellington monument.

We strode out along the track to the lodge on White edge moor stamping through the ice on the puddled path. It was very wet and soggy under foot evidence of many days of rain. Walking near Baslow edge to the eagle stone the clouds started to gather.

  The Eagle Stone

 The Wellington monument.


 Which way is it to Chesterfield?

 Who is that hiding behind that stone?
The stone displayed some intriguing words as shown in the pictures below.


On the approach to the Birchen edge path Keisha noticed the repercussions of our jumping in puddles games. The coldness resulting from her damp feet became an issue and she expressed a feeling of tiredness. Stopping at a favourite bolder near Birchens we took some food on board, Keisha seemed to find it easier to move on.

As we arrived at the car the rain started, our timing was perfect. Hooray, at last I've finished the full circuit! I'm so proud of Keisha who walked this pretty route very easily. The 7.55 mile route took us 3 hours 14 minutes and is detailed on MapMyRun.

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