Monday, May 5, 2014

a walk with a gruesome twist

        Me and my brother pretended that this was santa's house and we were standing in the front door.

We have set off from the village of Litton and went down Tansley Dale.  From the view I was looking at , you could see some stinky old cows in the farm.

                    This is Louis pretending he is  a famous intrepid climber going over the rickety stone style.

                                Look at me with Louis in the view coming over down the steep hill over the scree.

                                      This tree is straight its not tilted neither the camera. Do you believe me?

                                              This is my brother`s minute cave in Louis land .

                                      Some people were taking pictures so my dad had a go and joined in


                                                       Here's the result . A beautiful light purple orchid.

                                          Here is my brother`s on land boat . Hasn't he got a great imagination.

Thats peter`s stone
The gruesome history of Peters stone from
Further notes on wikipedia at

Peter’s Stone is a circular limestone dome in the Wardlow Mires, northern end of Cressbrook Dale. It is also referred to as Gibbet Rock and shown on the OS map as Peter’s Stone. This is where the last gibbet in the county stood and local legend has it this was the last gibbeting. A gibbet was a gallows used to display the bodies of criminals after their execution and this is where they were left until long after execution with their bones rattling against the iron cage serving as a deterrent to other would be criminals.

The story is that on NewYear’s Day, in 1815 Hannah Oliver, the toll-keeper at Wardlow Mires was murdered for a pair of red boots and Anthony Lingard, a 21 year old Tideswell man, was convicted and executed for the killing. After execution in Derby his body was then hung in chains on the Peter’s Stone but this gruesome practice led to considerable public outcry and it was to be Derbyshire’s last public hanging!

                                                     Here we are at the top of  gruesome St Peter's stone .

                                         Look at the view from the top. It was pretty scary looking down from here.

                                                           I own this land.

                                                             Were`re nearly there .

We are very tired  We want some ice cream.  It was scrumdidliumpcious .

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