Monday, September 1, 2014

Louis Summer Holiday in Northumberland

Here as some photographs I have chosen from our holiday in Northumberland

Mummy and keisha went on the party bus,. They partied so much they had to stop and rest.

We went on the bridge that went all the way to Scotland from Northumberland.

Here is Alnwick castle, we were going to broomstick flying classes.

Here is my sister flying on her broomstick.

We looked at a real carriage which horses pull. This carriage was used for a very special wedding.

Me and Keisha dressed up as a knight and a princess. We had our picture taken.

This is my favourite picture. I had a fight with a real dragon. I was so happy I won the sword fight.

We walked around the castle walls

We have seen stones with squirly patterns in the Peak district, we saw this stone at Alnwick castle.

We had lots of visits to the beach.

We looked in the rock pools.

We found a jelly fish.

Me and Keisha ran in the water at the beach.

We saw an actual Jelly fish swimming in the water at the beach.

Daddy and Keisha buried me in the sand.

Me and Keisha found a new friend at the beach, we played with it at the beach and we made it walk the tight rope. Our friend is a spider!

I caught a small starfish in my net and then we took a photograph and put it back into the water.

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