Sunday, October 26, 2014

Haloween Half Marathon

It was quite blustery this morning we headed off to run the Worksop Halloween Half Marathon and Fun Run. We met friends and their children near the start the adrenalin and excitement were high!

Naturally likle any good athelete we had to warm up 

The champions finished and were buzzing around with humongous amounts of adrenalin! We were all really pleased. 

An excellent event I'd recommend. The highlight was after the race racing my friends young lad across a car park. v. fast. Our kids were wild before the race and wild after their fun run, they should've done the Half Marathon!
The Half Marathon  runs up hill out of Worksop and heads on undulating roads to Clumber Park. The tree lined avenues offered excellent shelter from the wind. One of the longs straights out of the park was entertaining in that someone had placed jokes either side of the road. A most helpful distraction.
The run back into Worksop was fab as it was down the same initial incline.  Thoroughly enjoyable I ended up in a group where everyone was just speeding up! There was some good racing. It felt fab on that bit loads of adrenalin. Great to see my family at the endThe finish.

We are the Champions 
Half marathon results
Fun Run Results
The goody bag contained an excellent Halloween running shirt. K and L enjoyed shaking habds at the end with the werewolf who designed the medals.  The following week we followed this up with the North derbyshire Running clubs No walk in the park 5k. K and L were pleased because they found it easier. Unfortunately they practiced the full race before the start rather than warming up!  We all had a lot of fun and a bacon butty at the end... yum!