Sunday, November 2, 2014

Scrambling the Coca-Cola River

After Halloween we went to Edale and did a seven mile walk up Grindsbrook Clough and along the southern edge of Kinder Scout. We started our return to Edale at Golden Clough and walked towards the Nab dropping down to the Pennine Way at Heardmans Plantation. (Photograph comments kindly added by Keisha)

We saw some really frightening pumpkins that were carved beautifully.

                                          I gave Louis a hug gently. He had a bright green jumper!

We ran along the crumbly path, along the valley, we really enjoyed scrambling up there.

Louis and I bent down eagerly to see the brown coca cola river.

We scrambled carefully along the rocks that were hard as metal and we did it as quick as a bolt of lightning .

Louis was sitting as if the rocks were his own sofa.

I was pretending to be a four legged creepy  crawly.

We were scrambling amongst the rocks as if we were famous climbers.

Here we were scrambling in the cold  coca cola river .

                  Look at our beautiful water feature heading to our house,(The Peak District.)

Louis was  filled with fury he's cold and anxious.

Me and Louis our the posh people of the world. we are at the top of grindsbrook clouf and grindslow knoll.

Look at the view it makes us filled with awe .

Louis trudged slowly along the path. It was much colder so we had to wrap up.

The views our my favourite thing about the peak district.

Our faces are a portrait in the rock.
                                     I love this valley its my favourite.

Look how far we've come.
Poor Louis his legs our worn down.

(Note by Dad: Don't believe the picture above his batteries quickly recharged and he was off spinning around once more! Very proud of our two excellent explorers! )

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