Sunday, December 7, 2014

Eastern Edges< Burbage Valley and Higger Tor

It was disappointing to miss out on a walk with friends it seemed to be the right thing to do to spend time with my family doing flower arranging!

This morning I parked the car at Surprise view (SK249801) and ran through Longshaw to the Grouse Inn. During the morning there had been plenty of showers and my run was during a break between further showers.

I ran along the eastern edges to the eagle stone and down to Baslow on the run up to the Robin Hood  (SK279721), I warmed up and removed by waterproof a pleasant steady run up the hill. It was good to return to the trail run I started to weaze a bit as I pulled up the track to Birchen edge is was good to slosh through the mud as I ran back towards Clodhall lane (SK278739).

The rainbows in the distance were beautiful and the sky darkening. The run over white edge and green edge was a battle as the rain stung my face and the howling gale made a good effort to push me back.

Things eased up as a jogged back down through Longshaw. The forestry works at Burbage are making excellent progress but green drive is chewed up by the forestry vehicles. It was good to return to the Green drive untainted by heavy vehicles.  At this stage between 15 and 16 miles my legs were starting to feel the distance. Since I'm planning another marathon in the spring this explains why I'm running this distance.

The final pull up Higgar Tor left me weazing for breath again but I pressed on. It was pleasant to run over Mother cap and back to surprise view. Pace was a little slow today but there was still pleanty of time to do the Christmas jobs for my family.

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