Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Middle Of Nowhere!!!!

Today we went on a truly magnificent peak district adventure in the middle of nowhere!There are pictures below of the route we did.  We walked onto kinder scout via blackden brook. We walked to the top of kinder scout which is known as crowden head. 

We were just setting off getting ready to start a practice walk for Hellvellyn . 

Looking at the first view and thinking how far we'd come.

This is a half old and half new tree because the trunk of the tree was new and the branches of the tree were old.
                                      Looking at the waterfall was amazing it was beautiful.

The grouse nearly made me have a heart attack. 
Its stones galore in this part of the peak district.

                                             All the views of the walk made me in awe.

                                                      Its the middle of nowhere!
Having a little rest! :-)

                                                      I'm riding toothless (the dragon)!

Climbing in action!
Fairbrook Naze is the spur in the distance.
These are like the kissing stones.
Coming to the end of the walk we had seen a tiny waterfall a medium waterfall and a large waterfall which is this one.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Three Splendid Recovery Walks

Walking has been a key component of my recovery from illness over Christmas and new year.
I have to add that this has been a gradual build up starting from regular short walks along local streets. Getting back out to the Peak District was a key part of this program of recovery. 

Tuesday the 17th February was beautiful and sunny as we set out for a stroll on Baslow edge. A glorious day and great company provided an excellent recipe for recovery.

Looking back towards Curbar edge

Kissing Boulders on Baslow edge

My walking companions

The Wellington monument

The Eagle stone

Wind swept tree on Baslow edge

I had gradually increased my distance and pace it was time to get out to the Dark Peak.  I decided to go out to Edale and walk up Grindsbrook Clough and then walk along the Southern Edge of Kinder scout. I returned to Edale via Golden Clough and the Nab. On the 2nd March there was a cold snap and a drop of snow, wow some wild winter weather. This walk was an excellent confidence builder. I was somewhat breathless scrambling up the steeper parts of Grindsbrook Clough but I could keep going at my much reduced but steady pace. It's an excellent route for a quick trail run.

The top of Grindsbrook Clough

View towards Grindslow knoll

Looking back down to Edale

Kinder Southern edge artwork

Looking across to Lose hill from the Nab

Edale and the distant "snowline"

Grindsbrook Clough viewed from the Nab

One of my favourite recovery walks was a scramble up Crowden brook (SK101864 ) with my son on Saturday 7th March. He as already blogged this walk, calling it "Waterfall Climb". We started from the car park near Barber Booth (SK107847). Louis was an excitable bundle of energy, great, time to burn some of that off!

We followed the route indicated above, ascending Crowden Brook via the stream bed and then follwoing the edge to the top of Grindslow Knoll. We descended to Barber Booth via the stesp south west bank of Grindslow Knoll.

Crowden Brook in the Distance

Crowden Tower in the Distance

Mini Waterfalls in Crowden Brook

Louis enjoyed paddling in the brook, before we had even started our scramble, fortunately good boots and steady rock hopping he kept his feet reasonably dry.

It was great fun scrambling through the rocks and mini waterfalls, Louis calmed down a bit and become more sensible as we scrambled through some of the tricky bits.

A view back down the brook from our scramble.

Helicopter Carrying Materials for Conservation/Maintenance Work

Once at the top Louis reverted to normal over excitable mad boy behaviour. He was very noisy and seemed to want to attract the attention of the helicopter to rescue him. We did not need rescuing!

Crowden Tower looked Impressive Today

It was quite breezy on the top but sunny and warm we sat in our bright orange shelter tent eating our sandwiches and drinking hot black currant.

Shouts of joy from the top of an ornate Kinder Boulder

The Helicopter over the top of Crowden Tower

Grindslow Knoll

View down Crowden Brook to Barber Booth

Grindsbrook Clough from Grindslow Knoll

View towards Lose Hill and Back Tor from Grindslow Knoll

Relaxing Pool

The above picture looks quite calm but there was still much excitement and noise. After a steep walk down Grindslow Knoll to join the Pennine way alternative route. While we were sitting down eating  crisps a curious sheep seemed took an interest. The final part of the walk was exciting although tired  Louis enjoyed watching the helicopter being loaded up with bags of material to be taken up onto the moor. For a short while Louis did not use his normal phrase "My Legs are worn down"!

These recovery walks have been important and of course very pleasurable. As I've started running again my recovery is very slow indeed.  Normally if I take a break from running I make a fairly quick come back, not this time clearly my body has taken a bit of a knock. I've been told I can continue running but I've got to listen to my body! Looking forward to more adventures and getting back into running.