Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Middle Of Nowhere!!!!

Today we went on a truly magnificent peak district adventure in the middle of nowhere!There are pictures below of the route we did.  We walked onto kinder scout via blackden brook. We walked to the top of kinder scout which is known as crowden head. 

We were just setting off getting ready to start a practice walk for Hellvellyn . 

Looking at the first view and thinking how far we'd come.

This is a half old and half new tree because the trunk of the tree was new and the branches of the tree were old.
                                      Looking at the waterfall was amazing it was beautiful.

The grouse nearly made me have a heart attack. 
Its stones galore in this part of the peak district.

                                             All the views of the walk made me in awe.

                                                      Its the middle of nowhere!
Having a little rest! :-)

                                                      I'm riding toothless (the dragon)!

Climbing in action!
Fairbrook Naze is the spur in the distance.
These are like the kissing stones.
Coming to the end of the walk we had seen a tiny waterfall a medium waterfall and a large waterfall which is this one.

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