Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lathkill Dale an Adventure in Science

Our walk at Lathkill Dale was an adventure in science. We also found a neat walking route exploring Lathkill dale. We started at the top of the dale near Monyash SK157665. Continuing down the dale we stopped for tree climbing near Ricklow quarry. The intention was to goo up Ricklow dale, I forgot all about that for some reason and we continued along the dale to the next main cave at SK171659

Fragrant Orchid
Red Campion
Start of the cave adventure

The cave enticed us in and we ventured beyond the stones which block the entrance. Keisha and Louis shone the head torch around in amazement. Keisha observed some sparkling material which she rubbed with her finger. In this new undiscovered environment they revealed something truly magical a new element perhaps? Keisha insisted on collecting a sample for further inspection.

We continued the walk by walking up the small dale which heads north from the cave. We enjoyed a daring traverse over a rather steep part of this minidale.  We sat down at the top Keisha and Louis chatted about their discovery in the cave. They decided that they'd report this discovery of a new element to newsround and that they'd be famous scientists. There was some discussion about who made the discovery.... we all vied for a share of the glory!

We followed a path which goes along the fence at the top of Lathkill dale a path with a splendid view. We continued along here to the main footpath which leads from mill farm into Lathkill dale and from here we headed east again in the direction of Monyash.

View back along Lathkill Dale Looking east towards Monyash

Woodpeckered tree?

I got the impression that Keisha had been thinking about her observations and she pointed out to me that there were 92 elements in the periodic table and that they'd all been found. So what could this mysterious material be? We'd have to return to the cave for a further investigation.

Drip drip drop from the ceiling... a clue to our puzzle
Beware the spider!
Sampling the sparkly stuff.

When we got home Keisha and Louis started there science investigations staright away studying a book on the periodic table. Keisha wanted to know all about limestone and the formation of stalactites. This was such an enjoyable walk from our science adventure viewpoint, a fascination for the mines and the fact that I've found some new ways to visit in the dale. I've given some links for inspiring further adventures.


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