Friday, July 31, 2015

Camping Crazy Near Whitby

When we were camping it was important that we all helped or we couldn't get the job done.Here i'm putting the bowls on the table for some soup.

That was our tent because it is so big we like to call it the party tent.

Sunset over Robin Hoods Bay


This is Runswick bay where we had loads of fun in the sea and with the sand.

Loads of people in whitby like to surf and here are some boards lined up on the bank.

Here is the sea we went crabbing in with our fishing nets.

We dammed and diverted a stream this is us putting water in the diverted section.

Louis made a fish sand sculpture with a sand castle as a head and striped areas as scales.

As the tide came in we got a wonderful view at our diverted stream. This is the horseshoe shape by the dark colored rock with water surrounding it.

We went to a beach called robin hoods bay on the last day camping in the farm. We decided  it would be  a good idea to walk there instead of going by car. 

This is a beautiful view looking down into robin hoods bay.

On the way to the bay we passed by some old alum works with an old cooker with stones and trails of ash in there.

We were following a track on the walk called cleverland way Ravenscar as you can see on this sign.

 This is a closer look of robin hoods bay.

 Louis and I were searching in the rock pools for sea creatures.

Walking along the beach to finish our walk of the day.

This path lead to robin hoods bay.

I like doing cartwheels everyday!

This is a village near the creature filled bay.

Another way to get to the bay is by going up and down this nearly vertical drop!

To end our fun we went to the park to have some fun before a long journey home!  :-)

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