Saturday, December 26, 2015

Destroy the Peak District, The Case for Fracking?

 England is packed and busy our society requires effective transportation systems, power generation plants, agricultural, housing  and a variety of industrial plants. These needs place huge demands on our land and the habitats it supports. The beautiful places are important for many reasons, nature reserves supporting wildlife and flora, used by farming communities, supporting a tourist industry,  they are the areas  that many of us use for sport and recreation, they are the great filter beds that clean our water. industry has worked alongside and evidence of this is abundant for example in the Peak District we are reminded of mining, mills, reservoirs and quarrying. It is important for us to recognise the importance of this initimate relationship  between land and industry.

We recently heard about relatively new method for exploiting resources from our land, the impact the required practices will have is of great concern to us all. BBC news reported on Fracking under national parks backed by MPs.
Hearing this news and realising that this will take place on our door step in a beautiful area already scarred by the ravages of limestone quarrying, I wanted to provide a list of papers reporting on the environmental safety of this process.

Comments on Oil Prices and Cost effectiveness of Fracking

Is Fracking Safe? The 10 Most Controversial Claims About Natural Gas Drilling

Scientific American: Fracking Can Be Done Safely, but Will It Be? (Fracking for natural gas doesn’t have to be an environmental disaster, says a new report)

Department of Energy study claims fracking is safe, contradicting previous findings 

 The following resources from the America environmental agency provide a lot of reports on hydraulic fracking. 

Given that the findings for many of these reports leads us to question the environmental safety. The crazy fact is that this is proposed at a time when the price of oil is at its lowest value for many years and we have an over supply of oil.
Recognising the squeeze on our land and the demand for resources it is important to consider and prioritise the sanctity of our special open spaces. For this reason much greater care must be taken to evaluate technologies which will have a significant environmental impact. It is very worrying when this has been approved with little public consultation. A favourite saying is "If it aint broken don't fix it"!

Petition To prevent all hydraulic fracturing from taking place within the Peak District.

In light to HM Government's recent decision to allow hydraulic fracturing via horizontal drilling, we state this decision should be repealed with an immediate effect.
Not only due to the UK's recent agreement to tackle climate change in Paris, also preserve the Peak District for future generations.