Sunday, February 8, 2015

Enjoying the New Year Snow

We're already into February and it's a little late to say "Happy New Year".  For a couple of months now I've been recovering from pneumonia. I was told that it would take 5 weeks to recover, from leaving hospital (I was home by the 10th January). This resting business is hard work it was such a relief to get out with my family for a New year walk, a little late admittedly! On a beautiful bright, warm day we walked from the surprise view car park over the top of Millstone edge and to Mother Cap and then back to our car.  The walk was such a tonic. It was wonderful to see both of our children so happy and enjoying our beautiful outdoor playground. As we got nearer to the car park both of my children springing around on the ice and in the snow were surprised at the brevity of our jaunt!

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Millstone Edge

Mother Cap

Monster Rock

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So this is why I have been inactive for the last couple of months! A visit to the hour of hours clinic on boxing day suggested that I had a real bad case of man flu. My coughing became quite bad and I felt as though I'd strained a muscle in my chest. By new years eve I was in a lot of pain, I continued to claim it was just a muscle strain! Martina, (Amanda's sister) told me I had to get help. The paramedic came out checked me out ticker OK, yep... its just a muscle strain but we'd better get you checked out at hospital. After a drive through the new year party activities in Chesterfield town centre we arrived at the Chesterfield royal A&E the on duty doctor soon diagnosed pneumonia he kindly sorted me out whilst I waited to be admitted to the ward. I stayed in the Clinical Decisions unit and Markham ward. It turned out I had a pneumococcal infection and pleural effusion requiring intravenous antibiotics and a chest drain to remove a significant amount of fluid on my right lung. A couple of friends visiting me in hospital suggested I was taking the man flu thing too far! I met some many wonderful people and I'm really grateful for friends that visited me and the care I received  in that excellent hospital.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Restoring the Iron Man - Spinach and Coconut soup

In order to help get Mike back to full strength and treat his anaemia, I made a delicious spinach and coconut soup.  It tasted divine and would be an excellent addition to your lunch when walking in the peak district.

And here is a photo of the finished result, we used half fat coconut milk and red thai curry paste as we didn't have any green in, the resulting soup spoke for itself